If you want to go to Spain and avoid extra restrictions you MUST go by Friday

THE Balearic Islands have opened to Brits today after being added to the green listbut you have just two days until new restrictions are introduced.

Spain has announced that new entry restrictions for Brits will be enforced from Friday.

Brits without both jabs can only head to the Balearics without restrictions until Friday

Brits without both jabs can only head to the Balearics without restrictions until FridayCrédito: Reuters

The country was originally one of the only destinations allowing all Brits in without restrictions.

This meant families could head to Spain without needing any Covid tests, vaccinations or proof of antibodies, and didn’t have to quarantine on arrival.

sin embargo, it was anunciado a principios de esta semana que todas las llegadas al Reino Unido ahora deben estar completamente vacunadas o tener una prueba de Covid negativa.

These new rules will be in place from Friday, so anyone who heads to the Balearic Island which includes Ibiza and Majorca should do so by tomorrow.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez confirmed that any Brits entering the country will be like therest of European citizenswhich requires a negative Covid test or to be fully vaccinated, de acuerdo a local media.

Sánchez explicó: “They will be required either a complete vaccination schedule or a negative PCR.

Spain remains on the UK amber list, excluding the Balearics

Spain remains on the UK amber list, excluding the BalearicsCrédito: Reuters

British holidaymakers have started to arrive in Majorca and Ibiza this morning, just hours after the Balearic Islands were added to the UK green list.

The rest of Spain remains on the UK’s amber list which means Brits have to quarantine when returning home.

sin embargo, the Canary Islands hope to be added to the green list by July 15.

Other destinations being added to the green list from today include Malta and Madeira.

Other nations turning green today include Barbados, Antigua, Granada, Dominica, Barbuda, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

sin embargo, only fully vaccinated Brits can travel to most of them, sin tener que poner en cuarentena.

No solo lo hace Malta requiere que los británicos tengan ambos golpesincluding anyone over the age of 12 – but they also won’t accept the NHS app as proof of vaccination.

Madeira es uno de los pocos destinos que solo requiere una prueba de Covid negativa sin vacunación obligatoria.

La isla está exenta de las nuevas restricciones de Portugal, que también están permitidas solo para los británicos vacunados..

Ryanair ha lanzado una venta flash con vuelos de £ 5 a destinos de la lista verde, incluidos Malta y las Baleares.

Última venta de Virgin Atlantic incluye vacaciones al caribe desde solo £ 280pp.

Here is the full list of destinations where you don’t have to quarantine on arrival or when returning to the UK.