Je vais avoir faim pour pouvoir payer mes factures d'énergie – sans électricité mon garçon meurt

A CARER has told how she will have to go hungry to pay for electricity for equipment that keeps her boy alive.

Isaac Blake, neuf, suffers with Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndromewhich requires 24/7 care and specialist equipment to keep him alive.

Maxine Rothchester has cared for Isaac Blake since he was eight months old

Maxine Rothchester has cared for Isaac Blake since he was eight months oldCrédit: Nouvelles du ciel
He suffers with Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome

He suffers with Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndromeCrédit: Nouvelles du ciel
He relies on specialist machinery to keep him alive

He relies on specialist machinery to keep him aliveCrédit: Nouvelles du ciel

His guardian, Maxine Rothchester has been taking care of the young lad since he was just eight months old.

But she now fears how she and Isaac, who weighs just 11kg, will cope as the cost of living soars.

Maxine told Nouvelles du ciel: “je, like a lot of parents with children who need this equipment, am terrified.

The equipment that we need is not a choiceit’s life for Isaac.

He has a lift to get upstairs, we have a bath that goes up and down, we have a profiling bed, he’s on oxygen 24/7 – that’s run by a machine. Every aspect of his life is controlled by electricity.

Il vient comme energy bills are set to rise for millions later this year as the cost of living crisis hits consumers pockets.

Maxine said: “I have noticed them change already.

We’re probably spending about £30 a week more than we were. I don’t quite know how we are going to cope when it all goes up again.

“Because the money coming in is going to stay the same (mais) the money going out is going to be a lot more.

Isaac has the mental of a newborn, and relies on Maxine 24/7 everyday of the year.

It means she can not work, and must rely on Universal Credit and help from the NHS.

Energy bill help if you’re struggling

There are schemes offered by suppliers, local councils, charities and the government that could help.

If you’re struggling with energy costs or other bills there are plenty of organisations where you can seek advice for free, y compris:

You should speak to your energy supplier in the first instance as they have schemes in place to help with bills and arrears, including hardship funds and grants.

Your local council may also be able to help with cash and grants if you are struggling with bills through the Household Support Scheme.

Every household will start to benefit from a £400 energy bill discount from October onwards.

You might get an extra payment too if you’re on benefits or disabled.

And on a prepayment meter you could get a one-off £50 voucher to top up.

Vérifier The Sun’s full guide on all the energy bill help Tu peux recevoir.

Elle a expliqué: “Oui, we do get disability living allowance, but that’s supposed to be there to cover things for Isaac like play equipment.

“It’s not meant to pay the household bills, which is what it’ll end up going on.

Elle a ajouté: “I’m not asking for much, I’m just asking for help with power to keep my little boy alive.

Plus tôt cette semaine, energy analysts revealed bills could hit £5,300 next year.

And The Sun revealed how fatcat bosses will earn £15million as Brits choose between heating and eating.