Sono 35 settimane di gravidanza e ho già accumulato roba per bambini

THEY might only be small, but as any new parent will tell you, when you’re getting ready to welcome a new baby be prepared to have to buy a LOT of stuff.

Now Daja, a first-time mum who is 25-weeks pregnant, has shared her impressive haul of baby goods, all ready for when her son arrives.

The stacks of nappies were overwhelming

The stacks of nappies were overwhelmingCredito: tiktok /@_.dajaneaaa

Sopra Tic toc, she showed the mountains of baby products she has stored in a room filled up to the ceiling with nappies, wipes and clothes.

Ha scritto sopra il video: “What we have so far

“Bene essere 25 settimane domani,” o 6 mesi, lei spiegò.


Audio played over the clip said: “Tell me you’re prepared for your baby without telling me you’re prepared for your baby.

In un altro Tic toc she went through what she had, as she filmed a tall pile of wipes, nappies in all different sizes, and a table full of baby wash products.

Hanging up in their packaging were some hooded bathrobes, boxes of bottles, and dummies, shelves of shoes and boots and then an entire rack of clothes from newborn to age 3-6 mesi.

She had even made another rack of clothes for when her son is older, and he has a pile of books too.

Daja said they had a diaper raffle at their gender reveal where each box of nappies they were gifted was given a raffle number.

They chose a number at random and the winner got some candles or a spray and lotion set from Bath and Body Works.

We did have a diaper and book raffle at our gender reveal so some of the items are gifts,” lei spiegò.

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She also hid a jar of cash in her nursery, explaining to her followers: “His dad started a jar for him when we found out I was pregnant. He puts $40 every week and whatever loose change we have around.

But fellow mums thought Daja might have overdone it a little with all her baby prep, con un detto: “That is way too much, I was a first time mom as well 6.5 months ago and I’ll tell ya I didn’t use half the stuff I had. Luckily I didn’t buy any of it.

Another compared her own haul to Daja’s incredible baby cave, scrivere: “Omg your due a few weeks before me and all I have is a car seat and 3 onesies.

You are so lucky to have all of this….” ha detto un altro.

And one mum-to-be felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff Daja had already and wrote: “I don’t even wanna know how much all this cost, I thought I was prepared but now I’m feeling a bit under prepared.

Many mums said she would not use most of what she had and could donate a lot of it, as they wrote: “Props for being prepared but you probably won’t use most of that mama.

Meanwhile I’m due in 10 weeks and only have like two things lolol,” shared one.

While another admitted: “I’m due in 9 weeks and barely have any diapers.

She had booties and even trainers ready for her son

She had booties and even trainers ready for her sonCredito: tiktok @_.dajaneaaa
The piles of nappies and wipes almost reached the ceiling

The piles of nappies and wipes almost reached the ceilingCredito: tiktok /@_.dajaneaaa
Some said her baby might not like one brand of nappies

Some said her baby might not like one brand of nappiesCredito: tiktok /@_.dajaneaaa
She had clothes ready for her sons arrival

She had clothes ready for her sons arrivalCredito: tiktok @_.dajaneaaa

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