I’m a car expert & here’s how to ditch unpleasant odours in your car

A CAR expert has revealed a useful hack for keeping your car odour-free and smelling fresh.

All vehicle owners need for the ‘miracletrick is a common kitchen product that costs as little as 95p.

The handy hack can help bust bad smells in your car

The handy hack can help bust bad smells in your carKrediet: Getty

During the winter months, anything from mucky boots to wet pets to muddy sport kit can leave your car’s interior a little worse for wear.

Egter, experts at Car Lease Special Offers have shared their top tips for shifting unpleasant smells.

The secret ingredient will be familiar to keen household cleaners, or even more adventurous chefs.

All you need is a little white wine vinegar to blast through tricky dirt and annoying odours.

The experts suggest leaving a cup full of the stuff on a flat surface in your parked car, so it’s not at risk of toppling over.

You can then leave that for a few hours, or even overnight, and it will absorb any bad smells that have been dragged in.

Just air the car out for a few minutes after removing the vinegar, as it can smell pretty sharp itself.

Not only is it a whizz for odour-busting, but white wine vinegar can also be used to clear dirty or frosty windscreens.

The experts said: “The night before you use your vehicle, pour a mixture of 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water onto your windshield and windows, and you will have a frost-free windshield.

Intussen, for dirty windscreens they advised: “Put some white wine vinegar into a spray bottle and dilute it slightly with some water. Spray this onto your windscreen and wipe it off, and the haze will be removed instantly,”

Drivers are warned to never use boiling water to try and clear frost from a windscreen.

Even lukewarm water can cause cracks, especially if the glass is already chipped.

Other anti-freeze hacks include rubbing an onion or potato on the windscreen.

This works because sugar in the vegetables breaks down frost as it begins to form.

Motorists should always take care to clear their windscreen fully in frosty condtions.

Not doing so could see you slapped with £100 fine and three penalty points if your view is obscured.

White vinegar can also be handy in de-icing your windscreen.

White vinegar can also be handy in de-icing your windscreen.Krediet: Getty