I’m a car expert – there are 5 cheap hacks to help demist your motor in winter

AS the weather continues to get colder, you may start to find your car windows covered in condensation.

But now experts have revealed five useful cheap hacks to demist your vehicle on a frosty morning – and you may have some of them in your cupboard.

Windows fog up when there is moisture trapped in the car and the window is colder than the dew point

Windows fog up when there is moisture trapped in the car and the window is colder than the dew pointCredit: Getty

According to Mike Thompson, COO at Leasing Options, there a several options at your disposal.

He told the Express: “There are many hacks for preventing moisture and some are, granted, more effective than others.

“Ultimately, drivers need to keep windows clean to prevent moisture from clinging to dirt.

“Avoid leaving wet items in the car, like damp umbrellas and jackets as these will add more moisture to the air.

“To de-mist your car quickly on the go, start the heaters off cold and increase the temperature gradually once the air has dried.

“Point the direction of your heaters to your dashboard so the air flow warms and dries any moisture sitting on the windows.”

Silica Gel Packets

Experts recommend keeping a box of silica gel packets in a box in your car.

Following tests, it’s believed that the sachets can often reduce humidity area in a closed area by up to 40 per cent and prevent moisture up in the process.

In addition, they can be warmed to dry out and reused in the car again – meaning you don’t have to replace them.

Washing up liquid

Although the hack is often used to prevent bathroom mirrors from steaming up, it also works in cars too.

Experts suggest rubbing washing liquid with a dry cloth onto your windows.  

You should buff the windows with the liquid until dry and wait for the results in the morning.

If it works, the liquid should stop condensation from forming when warm air settles on the cool surface of the window.

Shaving foam

It may sound bizarre, but experts say shaving foam is also a useful way to help demist your car.

They say motorists should slather the foam across their car windows, before rubbing it in with their fingers.

The film left behind after wiping it off is thought to prevents moisture from building up on the surface, leaving them mist free.

Coarse Salt

In addition, it’s recommend that you leave a Tupperware box of coarse rock salt in your vehicle overnight.

This is because salt has a high capacity of absorbing water from the environment.

To prevent the salt from spilling over, put a lid on the box and pierce holes in it to allow it to still work its magic.

Cat Pellets

It’s hard to believe and may sound grim, but cat litter in a pair of tights is among the best hacks to demist your windows.

This is because the litter is designed to absorb, so it is great at getting rid of moisture in the air.

The cleaning experts at Leasing Options said: “Put fresh cat litter in a pair of tights, tie them off at the top and place them on the dashboard close to the windscreen.

“It works a treat.”

Driving with foggy windows is dangerous and drivers can be fined up to £2,500 for doing so.

Car experts also warned that driving with fog on the windows decreases visibility, which increases the chances of having an accident.