I’m A Celeb fans ‘work out’ surprising real reason Matt Hancock is winning votes

I’M A CELEBRITY fans are convinced that Matt Hancock will sail through to the final for one major reason.

The former Health Secretary, 44, has managed to bag himself a place in the top five, seeing off big names like Boy George, Chris Moyles and Sue Cleaver.

I'm A Celeb fans are convinced they know why Matt Hancock is winning votes

I’m A Celeb fans are convinced they know why Matt Hancock is winning votes信用: 雷克斯
Fans think people are voting for Matt to annoy the 'woke brigade'

Fans think people are voting for Matt to annoy the ‘woke brigade信用: 雷克斯

Viewers have speculated that the real reason people are voting for him is to wind up thewoke brigadewho hate that he is still in there.

一位粉丝写道: “#ImACeleb please keep voting for Matt because it’s driving the woke insane just Elon Musk taking over Twitter is driving them bats. The entitled can’t figure out how is Matt surviving over the elitist bullies.

另一个贴: “#ImACeleb So pleased Matt is still there! Loving seeing the woke brigade go all Chucky!”

三分之一说: “Weirdo woke leftards in meltdown again. Come on Matt. #ImACeleb

I don’t watch #ImACeleb and I don’t admire Matt Hancock, but one of the funniest things reading the reports on it is the #woke Media and Twitter outrage that Hancock is still in the jungle while 5 others have been voted out by the Great British Public in front of him,” 另一个推特.

另一个回应: “He is hardly entertaining, dull as hell and a bit creepy. This is an entertainment show not a political show. It looks like some people are voting for him because they think it will upset ‘wokepeople or they are just evil #ImACeleb

Chris became the sixth person to be axed from the show last night.

在那之前 Babatunde, Boy George, Corrie’s Sue Cleaver, Scarlette Douglas and Charlene White were booted off 我是名人.

It has left fans questioning why Matt is still in the jungle.

Now fans who have been voting for him have explained their decision.

One Tweeted: “I was not a fan of Matt Hancock back in covid times, I understand it must be awkward to have him in camp, what I have been watching is certain campmates are just acting like vile bullies.

This should not be tolerated it’s not ok to bully anyone, he is just taking it and just getting on with it, this year was awful to watch, I hope when they get out and watch this back and hope they will walk in shame!”

另一个说: “Bullying at the very least, whatever anyone has done it does not give anyone the right to create a pack environment , there is only Owen and Sean that have acted like adults.

他们继续: “Matt at present is a camp mate like the rest. Do they have no understanding of mental health?

I am not a fan of any Tory minister but right now Matt gets my vote every night and hope he wins.

I worry about how happy he s trying to be and to fit in.

Instead of saying he’s not being genuine maybe think it’s because he’s wearing a mask to conceal his mental state.

After the votes have been counted, Ant and Dec will crown the new King or Queen of the Jungle on Sunday night.