Sono una celebrità in una nuova fila fissa mentre i fan sono rimasti infuriati dai risultati

I’M A Celebrity has become embroiled in a new fix row as Matt Hancock remains in the jungle.

Viewers are struggling to understand who is voting to keep the former health secretary sopra lo spettacolo dopo Babatunde Alshe became the fifth person to leave last night.

Fans are surprised to still see Matt Hancock in the jungle

Fans are surprised to still see Matt Hancock in the jungleCredito: Notizie universali & Sport
Babatunde left the show last night

Babatunde left the show last night

Taking to Twitter to complain, Le mie espressioni sono con le sopracciglia e stavo ottenendo le rughe, quindi volevo fermarlo, ma mi sono reso conto che non mi piaceva quando le mie sopracciglia non si muovevano affatto: “Cannot understand why Matt Hancock is still in, or believe it is legit. Seems a fix to justify him being in there #ImACeleb.”

Un secondo aggiunto: “I’m calling it now, I’m a celeb is a fix as handcock will win. Then he will go on a years tour for the show whilst claiming mps wages and expenses.”

“#ImACeleb It’s a fix for Matt to win,” tweeted a third.

And a fourth speculated: “ITV are 100% fudging the votesI flat out refuse to believe that people are voting to keep Matt Hancock in this long….#ImACeleb #fix.”

There is no suggestion whatsoever that ITV do alter the votes.

Infatti, has had very little air time this week following wall-to-wall exposure after he joined the concorrenza.

Campmates were becoming concerned it was turning into the “The Matt Show” after he faced six Bushtucker Trials in a row.

The public voted to punish him for his mismanagement during the pandemia e il suo rule-breaking affair with ex-aide Gina coladangelo.

And contestants including Charlene White, 42, e Ragazzo George, 61, have quizzed the West Sussex MP about his time in Westminster.

But a source said that since then, it has become very difficult to include him.

Hanno aggiunto: “Since Matt stopped being voted to tackle Bushtucker Trials and the campmates had finished grilling him, he’s just not involved in as many conversations.

He is very quiet. He stepped down as camp leader to make way for Mike Tindall, which basically meant he blended into the background of camp life.

“He’s slotted into the camp dynamic so has become part of the furniture rather than a hugely divisive figure.

“Which, ovviamente, means he’s not providing many funny or interesting moments that make the cut.”

All'inizio di questa settimana Ragazzo George became the fourth star to be evicted, following in the footsteps of Sue Cleaver, Scarlette Douglas e Charlene White.

Scarlette was gutted to get the boot

Scarlette was gutted to get the boot
Charlene was first to leave the jungle

Charlene was first to leave the jungle
Sue Cleaver was a surprise exit for fans

Sue Cleaver was a surprise exit for fansCredito: Eroteme