I’m a Celeb’s Chris Moyles opens up about rude run in with Elton John

I’M A Celebrity…Hol mich hier raus! star Chris Moyles has spilled the beans on an awkward encounter with music legend Elton John.

The DJ revealed he was interviewing Sir Elton live on Radio 1 when he promptly turned the airwaves blue.

Chris Moyles has spoken about the time Sir Elton John swore on his radio show

Chris Moyles has spoken about the time Sir Elton John swore on his radio show
Elton turned the air blue first thing in the morning

Elton turned the air blue first thing in the morningAnerkennung: Getty

Chris, 48, spoke about the rude run in while chatting to his jungle campmates about their best and worst days at work.

Er sagte: “Elton John came on the show and, within the first 10 seconds of being live on the show, dropped the f-bomb.

I went, ‘Woah apologies.’ And he went, ‘We’re not on the air now are we?’ And he went, ‘Are we…?’ And just smiled…

Chris’ red-faced moment with the Tiny Dancer singer happened in 2004, shortly after 9am on Radio 1.

What Chris failed to mention was that Sir Elton, 75, didn’t just swear once.

After his initial F-bomb, he went on to list a string of bad words, including ‘b***erand ‘w**k’, asking if they were allowed to be said on air.

“Es tut mir Leid, I have this weird syndrome approaching 10am,” er fügte hinzu.

After apologising again, Chris said to his listeners: “Thanks everyone, you’re listening to my last show on Radio 1.

Nach dem Vorfall, the BBC said in a statement: “It’s a live show and Elton was warned several times about swearing. We are sorry if he offended anyone.

inzwischen, during the campmateschat on Wednesday night’s episode of Ich bin eine Berühmtheit, Seann Walsh admitted to falling asleep during a shift in TK Maxx.

Er sagte: “Working in TK Maxx and I got sacked for falling asleep under the coats. It was so comfy.

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The shop had closed, everyone was tidying and I was meant to be doing the coats, but the coats were on the floor.

I was so tired I crawled under the rest of the coats and just snuggled up. Then the boss came down and said, ‘Right, we need to have a word’.”

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