I’m A Celeb’s Sue Cleaver tells ‘sobbingCharlene White to ‘get over herself

I’M A Celebrity’s Sue Cleaver has ordered Charlene White to ‘get over herselfas she pretended to sob before flying back to the UK.

The Coronation Street star filmed Charlene in a cafe ‘cryingloudly as they prepared to board their flight in Australia.

Charlene White has been filmed 'sobbing' in the airport

Charlene White has been filmed ‘sobbingin the airport
Her new best pal cheekily told her to 'get over herself'

Her new best pal cheekily told her to ‘get over herselfCrédito: INSTAGRAM

demandar, Entretanto, serenaded her new close pal and the ITV News anchor by singing Frank Sinatra’s The Final Curtain.

But as a man in the background turned around to look at where the noise was coming from, she suddenly snapped: “Oh get over yourself! You’ve been out for two weeks!”

demandar, 59, has posted the funny footage on Instagram and her followers have been quick to comment on their friendship.

Uno escribió: “You should arrange to meet up again!”

Otro dijo: “You two make friendship look beautiful.

A third posted a string of ‘love heart eyesemojis.

Charlene, who also anchors Loose Women, was the first campmate to be eliminated from Soy una celebridad este año.

Sue was third to leave and was quick to tell hosts Ant and Dec about ‘her girls’; Charlene and fellow campmate escarlata douglas.

First person I’ll go to dinner with will be Charlene and Scarlette – they’re my girls,” ella dijo.

demandar then went on to share an emotional reunion with Charlene, 42, after she arrived back at the celebsluxury exit hotel.

The soap star was seen tearfully throwing her arms around her new BFF before telling her they needed to go out on agirls night”.

mientras tanto, although Sue has formed a close bond with Charlene, there is one campmate who she will not be inviting on a night out when back on home soil.

The Eileen Grimshaw actress has revealed her true feelings about Matt Hancock on her Instagram pageby failing to follow him.

In the ultimate social media snub, Matt can be seen following the actress’ cuenta, with the gesture not reciprocated.

Sue and Charlene formed a tight friendship in the jungle

Sue and Charlene formed a tight friendship in the jungleCrédito: Rex
Sue is planning a dinner with Scarlette and Charlene

Sue is planning a dinner with Scarlette and CharleneCrédito: Rex