I’m a cleaning expert and I was disgusted when I saw the inside of my drain

CLEANING your home is a requirement if you want to feel relaxed and clear headed.

But even the best of us sometimes forget about certain spots that become filled with grime and dust.

@Carolina.McCauley said there's a few spots that should be cleaned every so often to avoid build up

@Carolina.McCauley said there’s a few spots that should be cleaned every so often to avoid build upKrediet: TikTok
One of those areas is the inside of your sink drain

One of those areas is the inside of your sink drainKrediet: TikTok

TikTok’s cleaning expert @Carolina.McCauley revealed three areas that often get ignored during our cleans—and she explained why it’s important that they be addressed.

The first thing she tackled was the inside of her sink drain.

Carolina unhooked the drain cover and pulled it off, revealing a soot-covered interior.

“This can get very nasty if left unattended," sy het gese.

The cleaning guru applied dishwasher powder and dish soap all over the surface.

She used a scrub bush to rub it all in and then rinsed it down with water. It was shining in seconds.

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Vir diegene met golwe soos ek, Carolina looked to the range hood filters above the stovetop.

“Deep clean every fortnight to remove gunk and grime," sy het gese, meaning every two weeks.

She placed the filters in a water-filled sink and threw a couple dishwasher detergent tabs inside.

After letting them sit for a few minutes, she dried them off.

Her final piece of advice was to care for your washing machine filter.

She removed the dirty-water-filled tube inside and emptied it out before cleaning off the dust on the filter itself.

“Do this at least once every month,” she advised.

Viewers loved the tips and were ready to tackle these areas themselves:

“That washer tip is genius thank you,” het een geskryf.

“Ughhhh…the water that comes from the washer always surprises me because it smells so bad,Maak dan jou sakrekenaar oop en draai jou foon op sy sy om 'n landskapaansig te kry en druk dan die desimale punt gevolg deur 'In'.

A third, egter, said what many of us lazier homeowners were thinking: “Thank you for this information. I will absolutely not be doing any of this.”

She also said it's important to clean our washing machine filter

She also said it’s important to clean our washing machine filterKrediet: TikTok

Cleaning hacks and tips

Here are some tips to help you when you clean your home next:

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