Sono un allenatore di appuntamenti & sentirsi farfalle può essere un'ENORME bandiera rossa nelle relazioni

WHEN you’ve just started someone new, we’re all on the lookout for those tell-tale red flags – sai, things like: misogynistic jokes, constantly talking about their ex, poor hygiene, eccetera.

But butterflies in your stomach? We’ve always been told to interpret that as a clear sign you obviously like this person.

Lauren said feeling butterflies after the third date is a BAD sign

Lauren said feeling butterflies after the third date is a BAD signCredito: tiktok @coachlaurenzoeller

Well according to dating coach Lauren Zoeller, it’s not always so clear-cut.

Sharing the dating advice in a Video TikTok, the relationship expert said it’s perfectly normal to feel butterflies ahead of your first or second date.

However after the third, she claims you should pause and take stock.

Lauren claimed: “Experiencing butterflies when you’re with someone after you have been dating them for a while is actually a sign from your nervous system that something is not right about the relationship.


Anziché, Lauren claims thattrue intimacywith that special someonefeels like coming home”.

Ha continuato: “Butterflies can be a sign that the relationship is not safe or that you need to some deeper healing.

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A little anxiety is normal on the first couple of datesbut if it’s been going on a while, it’s time to go!”

In response to a viewer who argued that butterflies were asign of excitement”, Lauren added: “sì! At the beginning. tuttavia, long-term they can mean a disregulated nervous system response.

Uno ha risposto: “So true, I had butterflies so bad and it was a big warning that I ignored never again!”

“si, didn’t know that in my 20s,” un altro aggiunto. “Ended up being with the guy for almost two years before I broke it off.

tuttavia, others argued that three dates wasn’t enough time to really know someone.

Un terzo ha scritto: “Geez three dates is nothing!!! C’mon now.

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