Sono una nonna sexy dopo aver aumentato le mie piccole tette a 34P – pesano più di una bicicletta

A WOMAN claims she has turned into a hot gran after boosting her bra cup size to 34P making her breasts even heavier than a bike.

Tammy Hernandez, 47, has splashed nearly £83,000 on plastic surgery to achieve her look, including five breast enhancements.

Tammy was a natural cup D before her operations

Tammy was a natural cup D before her operationsCredito: Jam Press
The gran boosted her breasts to 34P

The gran boosted her breasts to 34PCredito: Jam Press
Her boobs weight more than a 20lbs bike

Her boobs weight more than a 20lbs bikeCredito: Jam Press/@tammyhtherealtor
Tammy has also had butt implants

Tammy has also had butt implantsCredito: Jam Press

The busty nan, who naturally has D-cup breasts, has also had butt implants and needs to get custom-made clothes to fit her body.

And Tammy from Florida, US says she has made a small fortune selling videos of herself doing chores in bikinis on OnlyFans.

Real estate agent Tammy told “I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t see this coming – my fans adore me.

By refusing to go naked, it makes many of my fans impatient and anxious.

They would say ‘Why did you get them that big if you’re not going to show them?’

They want more and more but, at the same time, it keeps them coming back and remaining loyal and respectful to me.

They don’t seem to get enough.

Tammy, who already had a large following of nearly one million on Instagram joined the adult content site in May 2021 after her followers begged for more content from the racy grandma.

She claims she had recently been banned from TikTok “due to her large implants” being automatically reported for nudity and decided to try a more adult-friendly platform.

And it has proven to be a hit as Tammy recently bought herself a boat solely from her OnlyFans earnings – and flaunts her lavish lifestyle on social media.

The grandmother-of-two also boasts 700 pairs of designer shoes, a Maserati, and has enough cash to have a matching wardrobe with her pooch, Gizmo.

And she fuels this lifestyle with the help of peculiar requests from fans.

Lei ha aggiunto: “It’s becoming an everyday thing now but people from the US and across the world have been asking for my used clothing.

They want thongs, bras, and anything I have worn. I didn’t know this was a thing until it became a popular request.

fortunatamente, her family are supportive of her choice to rake it in online.

Lei ha aggiunto: “My family has always been very supportive in all my endeavours.

We have raised our kids to be accepting and non-judgmental since we have never been typical with our lifestyle and businesses.

We are from Key West which is a very open community and has lots of different events, parties and costumes.

Our city motto is ‘One Human Familyand that says it all.

Tammy hasn’t ruled out going fully X-rated in the months ahead.

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Lei disse: “Everyone always asks if I would ever consider going fully nude, especially my lovely fans.

All I can say is this is still being taken into consideration.

Tammy has spent thousands on plastic surgery operations

Tammy has spent thousands on plastic surgery operationsCredito: Jam Press/@tammyhtherealtor
The nan-of-two claims she has made a small fortune on Only Fans

The nan-of-two claims she has made a small fortune on Only FansCredito: Jam Press/@tammyhtherealtor