I’m a mum and I only go on holiday with one kid at a timeand here’s why you should too

A MUM has admitted that she only takes one of her kids on holiday at a timeand explains why you should too.

Judy Koutsky, who has two young boys, explains that it stops them from being in competition with each other, as well as allows her some quality time with each kid.

 A mum explained why she only goes on holiday with one kid at a time - and you should be too ([object Window])

A mum explained why she only goes on holiday with one kid at a timeand you should be too ([object Window])信用: 盖蒂 – 贡献者

She explained on Travel + Leisure: “While there are moments when they get along, 出色地, 兄弟般的, more often than not, they are competing, which inevitably leads to fighting – 关于, 出色地, 一切.

Who got the bigger plate of pancakes, who got the best choice in desserts, who had the better seat on the plane, who got more pool time…and on and on.

While she admitted people said it wasstrangeto leave one child at home on holiday, she said it also means spending quality time with one kid at a time.

Judy added: “Spending time with just one child meant meals were a time to really explore what was going on in that kid’s life.

“在家里, things are so crazy busy, that it’s hard to really talk without a sibling always interrupting or being present.

Other mums also swear by itmum-of-two Lana Hallowes explained she was visiting a friend in another state, and took her youngest son while her eldest, who has special needs, stayed at home to go to 学校.

One mum asked if she was in the wrong to be planning a holiday with her newbornleaving her older child and husband behind.

Here are some other mums who said they tried it too, and said it was the best thing they ever did.

然而, be careful if your kids have a different surname to you if you go on holiday togetheras you could need additional documents or face being turned away at the airport.

While introduced to prevent child trafficking, it could result in unaware families facing additional procedures and even missing their flight.

If you’re travelling under your maiden name with children of a different surname, a marriage certificate alongside your passport will ‘provewho you are.

And you may need a travel consent letters to demonstrate that the child in question has permission to travel abroad from parents who aren’t accompanying them.

We reveal some of the top tips when flying with kids, such as which seats to choose and what to take on a flight.

 Lots of other mums have said they take just one child at a time too

Lots of other mums have said they take just one child at a time too信用: 盖蒂 – 贡献者