Ich bin Mama und Sparprofi – Poundland ist nicht immer am billigsten, Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie sparen

DESPITE its name, Poundland might not be the cheapest place to pick up bargains one mum has revealed.

Holly Smith, a self-confessed coupon queen, sagte der cheap prices are not always what they seem.

Cardiff, Wales, Vereinigtes Königreich, September 14, 2016 : Poundland advertising logo sign outside the entrance to their business retail store in the city centre stock photo image

Cardiff, Wales, Vereinigtes Königreich, September 14, 2016 : Poundland advertising logo sign outside the entrance to their business retail store in the city centre stock photo imageAnerkennung: Getty

The 37-year-old mum of four regularly shares her shopping tips and is behind the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook page.

Holly previously shared how to save cash when shopping at Aldi, KFC and H&M.- or even get items for FREE.

And she recently revealed the simple changes you can make to your food shop, which could save you £555 by the end of the year.

Now she’s sharing her secrets on how to shop at Pfundlandand avoid paying more.

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She told The Mirror: “Lots of people shop at Poundland because they think it’s the cheapest budget store.

”But if you look at some of their prices you will learn that £1 isn’t always a bargain.”

Holly said that items like washing up liquid and bleach were among those she could find cheaper in Tesco.

But branded items are among those which might be cheaper in the discount store.

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A 6p difference in washing up liquid could add up to £3.12 if you bought a bottle week.

That might seem small, but on multiple products and your weekly shop the price difference could add up to hundreds of pounds every year, she warned.

Holly advises shoppers to check before buying to make sure they are getting the best Liste der Toten, die in den ukrainischen Keller geätzt wurden, als Kinder sahen, wie geliebte Menschen starben.

Using comparison websites like Kelkoo, PreisSpy, Google Shopping and PriceRunner, means you can find the lowest price for an item online.

Das LatestDeals app has a supermarket price comparison feature that includes all the major supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Aldi.

inzwischen Trolley.co.uk will tell you where to find cheapest groceries including B&M., Aldi und Tesco.

Holly previously told The Sun how your best chance of bagging bargains at Poundland is after holidays and events like Christmas and Easter.

This is when the high street store tries to shift seasonal stock in order to make way for new products.

She also shared that Poundland occasionally has baskets with discounted items at the tillso head hear first to find the best discounts.

Holly has also recommended using cashback sites when shopping online and in store with apps like CheckOutSmart and Shopmium.

They work in a similar way by listing products sold in big supermarkets where you can get part of, or all of, your cash back when you buy them.

All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt, upload to the app and the cash will land in your account.

You get loads of free stuffyou can get £30 worth of stuff for free each week easily,” she said recently on ITV’s This Morning.

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Her top tips for saving cash also include:

  • Head to Immer’ Webseite, you’ll be able to get a pack of sanitary towels for free
  • Verwenden Sie die TooGoodToGo app to bag cheap food from restaurants and supermarkets like Greggs and Morrisons for much less
  • Get a 24 pack of Mamia size one newborn nappies from Aldi using Holly’s trick – ein Netmums trial
  • Bag free food at KFC by downloading the chain’s app
  • Return old clothes to H&M return to earn points and money off vouchers

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