Ich bin ein Nandos-Fan – So sparen Sie jedes Mal 8 £

FOOD and energy bill prices are skyrocketing this winter, so we’re all eagerly searching for money-saving hacks.

But if you love a cheeky Nando’s, there’s a way to snatch up an adult-sized portion for just under a tenner less than usual.

You can get food for under a tenner for a similar size to an adult meal

You can get food for under a tenner for a similar size to an adult meal
She got a chicken burger alongside some sides and a drink

She got a chicken burger alongside some sides and a drink

Einer savvy shopper posted her hack to TikTok, where she bought a burger, Chips, drink and box of rice off the kids menu for just £6.

Normally a chicken burger will set you back £7.25, and if you want to add a couple of sides it’ll cost you £12.10, not including a drink or dessert.

Sie sagte: “I fancied Nando’s, but I didn’t want to spend more than £10 on it, so I decided to get the kids’ Mahlzeit.

This is a chicken burgergot some spicy rice and some chips thereand squash, essentially, but you can pick a dessert.

You can either pick a drink or a dessert as part of the price.

For this, guess how much it costs? Six pounds!

Can you imagine?”

Others were also excited about der hack, with one posting on the video: “I always order the kids meal at Nando’sit’s more than enough at half the price.

Ein anderer hat gepostet: “The Nandino burger tastes better anyway.

And one more said: “This hack is amazing.

Vorhin dieses Jahr, TikToker Max Beledge also revealed the sneaky Nando’s hack and posted it to his followers.

Er sagte: “If you get a children’s meal, you get a burger, a full slice of chicken with a brioche bun, a nice little portion of chips, and then pretty much the same amount of rice.

“Es tut mir Leid, that is amazing why is everybody not doing this?

I think I’ve just smashed life.

It’s not clear what the difference in portion sizing is, but The Sun has asked Nando’s for comment.

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