Soy una enfermera – Si tu hombre está malhumorado y te critica, necesita más sexo.

THERE’S no denying that sex is one the best things about being alive.

The divine sensations make us feel amazing, deepen the connection we share with our loved one and also keep our family tree growing.

Ria shared the advice on her TikTok channel

Ria shared the advice on her TikTok channelCrédito: Tik Tok

Pero, according to a nurse on TikTok, the act of making love is also responsible for our mental and physical health.

En un video, which has seen over 1.1 millones de visitas, Ria W. shared the top symptoms that mean your partner could be lacking on sex.

This goes for guys AND girls, no fighting in the comments!” ella añadió.


The first sign your significant other needs sex is constantly being moody for no reason.

Just like when indulging in a delicious meal or winning your favourite game, sex releases dopamine, a hormone which is responsible for your mood.

The lower the levels, the less happy you are.

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Esto, en turno, can also make you more snappythe same way we experience hanger when hungry, lack of sex can also lead to becoming irritated at almost anything.

Resulta, if your partner is having issues with sleepwhether it’s trouble falling asleep or repeatedly waking upit could be to do with sex.

This is because during climax, your brain releases a hormone called oxytocin, which is responsible for inducing a relaxed feeling that helps you sleep better.

Despite her tips, people didn’t seem that impressed with her lesson, with one critical viewer writing: ”For people with the communication skills of a 3 year old.

Someone else agreed and said: ”Signs your partner needs communication skills.

Or maybe they need to talk about other issues like money, responsibility , lack of communication,” is what another user tought.

Others were convinced this has nothing to do with sex and insteadthey just want f*****g help with the kids 🤦‍♀️.

WHAT ARE THE SIGNS A PARTNER NEEDS AN EXTENDED VACATION FOR THEMSELVES,” was another explanation of being moody and snappy.

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Segun ella, lack of sex can lead to moodiness

Segun ella, lack of sex can lead to moodinessCrédito: Tik Tok

My date said I was ‘really s**tat sexthen he messaged me again few weeks later saying he couldn’t stop thinking about me