Sono un professionista dello shopping in un negozio di sterline – le occasioni da £ 1 che dovresti evitare

POUNDLAND sells everything from homeware to beauty products, but shoppers might not always be getting the best bargains.

The budget retailer officially ditched its famous £1 price point in 2019, with prices ranging from 50p to £5.

The £1 bargains you should avoid in Poundland

The £1 bargains you should avoid in PoundlandCredito: Reuters

Poundland said it was focusing on “semplice” price points to provide shoppers with more choice and value.

But today the retailer confirmed it would make sure 60 per cent of what it sells is £1 or less.

A spokesman said the move had been made to help customers looking to save during the cost of living crisis.

Barry Williams, Poundland managing director, disse: “It’s clear customers are shopping more intentionally and that’s why we’re leaning into our £1 price point.


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Five ways to save money on your summer holiday spending

While we don’t have a magic trick up our sleeves to counter inflazione, we know that those who work hardest to keep costs low will end up winning customers’ trust.

“The promise we make to customers that we can deliver amazing value, has never been more important.

“We’re determined to not let them down.

“That’s why we’re offering more of what they want, at a price that recognises they need their money to work as hard as it can.”

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Dubbed asBritain’s Coupon Kidand known for his bargain-hunting skills, Jordon Cox has helped people save hundreds of pounds by changing a few simple shopping habits.

Jordon told The Sun that it wasincredibly interesting, but not surprisingthat Poundland was pricing more items at £1.

The 25-year-old also shared his top secret on how to shop at Poundlandand avoid paying more.

He said Poundland’s sizes can be smaller than other retailers.

Poundland’s cans of Pepsi Max, per esempio, are only 250ml compared with Pepsi Max in Tesco meal deals where you can get a 330ml can or a 500ml bottle.

Egli ha detto: “When shopping in Poundland, it’s always a good idea to check the sizes of items before you buy.

You might find shampoos, deodorants and other toiletries at what looks like a good deal for £1but usually these are smaller than the normal sized supermarket bottles.

“Se potete, check the price per 100ml at supermarkets to make sure your getting the best price.

And Jordon’s advice has been echoed by other bargain hunters.

Holly Smith, the face behind the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook page, also said Poundland’s cheap prices are not always what they seem.

She told The Mirror: “Lots of people shop at Poundland because they think it’s the cheapest budget store.

”But if you look at some of their prices you will learn that £1 isn’t always a bargain.”

Holly said that items like washing up liquid and bleach were among those she could find cheaper in Tesco.

But branded items are among those which might be cheaper in the sconto store.

A 6p difference in washing up liquid could add up to £3.12 if you bought a bottle week.

That might seem small, but on multiple products and your weekly shop the price difference could add up to hundreds of pounds every year, she warned.

Holly advises shoppers to check before buying to make sure they are getting the best affare.

Using comparison websites like Kelkoo, PriceSpy, Google Shopping and PriceRunner, means you can find the lowest price for an item online.

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Il LatestDeals app has a supermarket price comparison feature that includes all the major supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Aldi.

Nel frattempo will tell you where to find cheapest groceries including B&M, Aldi e Tesco.