I’m a pregnant mom of eight & spend $400 on groceries – I use 12 eggs every day

AT JUST 29-years-old, Yalancia has already been pregnant nine times.

Yalancia and Michael Rosario are expecting their ninth child to be a boy, as revealed on the show, My Extraordinary Family.

Yalancia uses a dozen eggs for breakfast each morning

Yalancia uses a dozen eggs for breakfast each morningالإئتمان: Truly
The younger Rosario boys can be picky eaters

The younger Rosario boys can be picky eatersالإئتمان: Truly

This large Dallas-based family is made up of sons Jamel, Michael Jr., Angelo, Gimani, Armani, Sincere, and Khaza.

Armani, their fourth son, was stillborn.

In order to keep up with satisfying all these hungry mouths, Yalancia meal preps in bulk to make save time on cooking.

She goes grocery shopping once a week and spends $400 each trip.

When Yalancia makes breakfast for her boys, she has to cook a large amount of food, such as a dozen eggs and pancake sausages.

Like many young children, her younger sons are rather picky about what they like to eat.

الأكثر قراءة في رائع

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Though she has to cook much more than the average mother, Yalancia finds her biggest struggle is keeping up with their laundry and housekeeping.

As her sons grow older, Yalancia says they become great helpers, and managing things becomes much easier.

Having a big family was very important to the couple, with Yalancia being the oldest of seven and Michael having four sisters.

Michael said that if money and health weren’t an issue, he would like to have 20 الأطفال, which would more than double their grocery spending.

Surprisingly, Yalancia doesn’t enjoy being pregnant, as she claims she gets very sick throughout all nine months she carries

ومع ذلك, she likes the idea of having between 10 و 12 الأطفال.

سابقا, Yalancia snapped back at people who claimed that being a stay-at-home motherisn’t hard.

Sharing on انستغرام, كتبت: “People say being a stay-at-home mom can’t be that hard. Try being all these in one

Accountant, Playmate, Secretary/Scheduler, Laundry attendant, Housekeeper, Therapist/mediator, مدرس, Chef, Chauffeur, Nurse,” she listed.

Yalancia captioned the post with: “Between these seven boys and a baby on the way, I feel like my hands are dipped in the baby stage, the toddler stage, and the kid stage! but I wouldn’t trade it for the world !!”

You forgot a few, coach, referee, counselor, maid, and prob 100 أكثر,” a fellow parent reminded her.

Yalancia is pregnant with her ninth son

Yalancia is pregnant with her ninth sonالإئتمان: Truly
Having a big family was important to Yalancia and Michael

Having a big family was important to Yalancia and Michaelالإئتمان: Truly

I dress my son in hand me down clothes, free nappies and use samples of formula to save moneyI don’t get why parents say babies are expensive

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