Sono un urologo – ecco le domande che i pazienti mi fanno sempre sul loro pene

IF you’ve ever wondered if you penis is normalyou’re not alone.

Due to their intimate nature, a lot of pene-related questions men have get put to the internet’s resident doctor, Google.

The doctor was concerned some men are relying entirely on the internet for medical help and advice.

The doctor was concerned some men are relying entirely on the internet for medical help and advice.Credito: Getty – Collaboratore

But as we all know, the internet can be ever-so-slightly unreliable when it comes to serious medical issues.

Consultant urological surgeon, Petr Holy, from the Men’s Health Clinic in Kingston has set about answering some of the most common penis queries on Google.

The doctor said he was concerned some men are relying entirely on the internet for medical help and advice.

What is the average penis size?

It’s important to remember that the male member comes in all shapes and taglie, and there isn’t one standard,” said Dr Petr.

UN 2020 studio by the NHS and Kings College University found the average size of an erect penis stands at 5.16 pollici.

The study involved more than 15,000 uomini, and also found the length of a flacid penis was 3.6 pollici.

The size of a penis does not matter in terms of its function and while some fear it affects their sexual performance with a partner, this isn’t true as different people have different preferences,” Ha aggiunto.

Why are there spots on my penis?

The skin on and around the penis can experience irritation just like the rest of the body, so spots on your penis might not always be something to be concerned about,” Dr Petr explained.

Spots could be a result of something more serious, such as a sexually transmitted disease come herpes, scabies or syphillis.

Spots and rashes can also appear due to issues such as contact dermatitis, eczema, o a yeast infection.

If the spots are unbearably painful or itchy, you develop other symptoms or your spots show signs of an infection, you should see your medico,” Ha aggiunto.

Ovviamente, if the spots are causing you worry, book an appointment with your GP.

How can I enlarge my penis?

There are many sources online that claim they work to enlarge the penis, from fat injections, pumps and vacuums, per chirurgia plastica, extenders and plasma injections.

There is not a lot of evidence that the pay-off for these methods outweighs the associated risks,” the expert explained.

If you are keen to enhance your penis, there are other methods with less risks, such as removing pubic hair, and using penis sleeves,” Ha aggiunto.

Perché il pene è a forma di fungo?

UN 2003 study by State of New York University Professor Gordon Gallup found that the forma of the penis allows it to scoop out other men’s semen from a woman’s vagina during sex.

This question was a top search due to a viral Tic toc video telling people not to look up why the penis is mushroom-shaped.

Why is my penis itchy?

An itchy penis could be something as simple as razor burn, or something more serious like a fungal infection,” the doctor said.

If you can’t identify something simple you’ve done to cause itching, like shaving, wearing tight underwear, or using a new product, then it’s recommended that you make a trip to your GP,” Egli ha detto.

Other causes of itching could be sexually transmitted infections, pubic lice, diabete or eczema.

A recent studio found that your penis can predict your personality.

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Researchers from New Mexico Highlands University said that men with big penises and trimmed pubic hair are seen as more attractive, extroverted and open to new experiences.

While those with a smaller pecker are seen as more neurotic and boring.