I’m a ‘vaginacologist’ – the key female sex organ is NOT what you think

A WOMEN’S health expert has revealed the most important female sex organand it’s not what you think.

Dr Teresa Irwin, from the US, nicknamed herself thevaginacologistdue to her expertise in [object Window] pelvic dysfunctions and surgery.

Women's sexual arousal doesn't come down to their vagina, an expert says

Women’s sexual arousal doesn’t come down to their vagina, an expert says信用: 阿拉米
Dr Teresa Irwin is a self-proclaimed "vaginacologist"

Dr Teresa Irwin is a self-proclaimedvaginacologist信用: Jam Press/@dr.teresa.irwin

And she knows more than the next person about female anatomy, sharing her knowledge with her 90,400 关注者 TikTok (@dr.teresa.irwin).

It’s often joked that “men are like ovens and women are like microwaves” when it comes to being turned on.

Dr Irwin reveals there is a reason behind that sayingfor the most important sexual organ is not a woman’s vagina, 但 her brain.

In a series of videos, Dr Irwin explains that the brain is most responsible for our level of arousal, along with six other “spots”.

She says the brain is subject to a handful of factors which can completely change the mood.

Dr Irwin says: “If there is anything that is bothering her, such as stress, 疲劳, interruptions – like children, body image, or simply being mad at their significant other, then their ability to become aroused is significantly decreased.”

Essentially, to get a woman in the mood, it’s key to stimulate her mind and help her relax.

A woman’s sex drive may be far more easily upset by what’s on her mind, 专家说.

In other posts, Dr Irwin can seen be with her trusty whiteboard and pen as she draws out each “sex organ” on the female body that are involved in the arousal process.

And she says these can be used to advantage to “draw out pleasure”.

She explains the purposes of the vestibular glands, the skene glands, perineal sponge, vestibular bulbs, urethral sponge and clitoris.

Some viewers had no idea these existed 前.

One viewer said: “You are having way too much fun with this – I’m glad you are my Dr.”

While one confused shocked viewer added: “How did I not know about this?”

另一个开玩笑: “Men loving this doctor.

I don’t understand,” wrote another baffled user.

The six organs

Vestibular glands

These glands, Dr Irwin said, are what make a woman lubricated.

They are situated past the vagina opening either side. You can’t see them, they are under the skin.

Skene glands

These glands are the so-called “female prostate”, Dr Irwin said, because they release fluids into the urethra.

They sit either side of the urethra.

The glands produce antimicrobial fluids which helps to prevent UTIs.

然而, 性爱, the glands become swollen like the clitoris and produce lubrication.

Researchers believe that fluid excretions from these glands may account for female ejaculation (squirting), according to Healthline.

Perineal sponge

Between the vagina and anus is the perineal area.

It’s made of spongy erectile tissue, meaning when filled with blood during arousal, it can give the vagina a “squeeze”, Dr Irwin said.

她补充说: “So if you’re looking to be pleased, the PS spot will bring you to your knees.”

Vestibular bulbs

Dr Irwin recommended targeting the vestibular bulbs if you want to turn a woman on.

This is a type of erectile tissue closely related to the clitoris, sitting either side of the vagina (inside).

It “inflates” when something is inserted into the vagina.

Urethral sponge

The urethral sponge is the so-called G-spot, which Dr Irwin calls “

It is located between the pubic bone and the vaginal wall, surrounding the urethra.

During sexual pleasure, it “will partner with the skene glands to perform female ejaculation”.


最后, the all-important clitoris, which is in fact around 7cm long, with only the head being visible.

It is the sensitve sex organ and has only one purpose, Dr Irwin saysto cause an orgasm.