I’m a wellness expert – few quick tips will immediately make you less bloated

A WELLNESS expert has offered some quick and easy tips to make you feel less bloated.

Cissy Nansera, who describes herself asa yoga girl, not a doctor” 在TikTok上, has revealed two simple body positions to help relieve bloating.

Cissy is seen in the child's pose position to relieve bloating

Cissy is seen in the child’s pose position to relieve bloating信用: TIKTOK/nanserawellness
This position 'activates the parasympathetic state,' Cissy explains

This position ‘activates the parasympathetic state,’ Cissy explains信用: TIKTOK/nanserawellness

The yoga guru, known on TikTok as @nanserawellness, took to the video-sharing platform this week to show her followers the waterfall pose and child’s pose ( which is also known as rabbit or hare pose).

In the first de-bloating video, Cissy writes: “视点: they walk in on you just as this BLOATING pose is pushing out gas through the back door.

She is seen kneeling on the floor with her feet together and her knees hip-width apart as she places her palms on the top of her thighs.

Cissy then appears to exhale as she brings her body and head forward, allowing her shoulders to move closer to the ground.

She said the name of the position is: “Shashankasana [child’s pose]”

The video received more than 1.6million views and thousands of comments with mixed reviews.

One of her followers said: “Out of misery I have figured this out on my own and I promise you it works.

I’ve been very bloated this week. This is perfect, 谢谢!” a second follower wrote.

A third Tik Tok user commented: “Tried that once and it hurt so bad I started crying, it felt like I got stabbed in the abdomen with a steak knife.


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然而, another TikToker claimed the position did not relieve their bloating and commented: “Nothing happened when I tried it.

The user’s response prompted Cissy to share a follow-up video of another pose to rid of bloating.

Cissy captioned the footage: “Replying to @taylors.version.13 I just want to add that if something doesn’t work for you, that’s okay it’s just not for you.

As humans, we are not linear and that’s beautiful. I will keep sharing and maybe you will find something for you,” she adds.

She then proceeds to show the waterfall pose, also known as Viparita Karani.

As Cissy is seen lying on her back with her feet up in the air, she explains: “Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

It activates the parasympathetic state [rest & digest].”

One follower commented saying the waterfall position was a success, 写作: “WAIT THIS ONE ACTUALLY WORKS.

另一个说: “Thank you for having the time to show us these poses.

Cissy noted that the pose should be held between one and five minutes for results.


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同时, an expert has revealed the four signs that your bloating is abnormal.

And model Kholood Brieche recently took to TikTok where she shared a short video demonstrating how she gets rid of her bloated belly.

Cissy Nansera showed two moves people can do to get rid of bloating

Cissy Nansera showed two moves people can do to get rid of bloating信用: TIKTOK/nanserawellness