Sono un ex lavoratore Greggs – ecco com'è DAVVERO dietro il bancone

AN ex-Greggs worker has revealed what it’s REALLY like behind the counterand it’s not worth the free sausage roles.

The former team leader told how dealing withthoughtless and insensitive” clienti “tipped him over the edgeduring his time at Greggs in Tadcaster.

An ex-Greggs worker has revealed what it's REALLY like behind the counter

An ex-Greggs worker has revealed what it’s REALLY like behind the counterCredito: Getty – Collaboratore

And the 14-hour shiftssometimes starting as early as 4amfive days in a row left him feeling like awalking zombie”, and even the free food didn’t make up for it.

The staff member – chi non è stato nominato – told of the extent of the abuse he and his colleagues faced.

Disse Grimsby Live of an incident when a man from Plymouth shouted over a lack of milk chocolate cookies.

And another when a customer raged over not being able to use an out-of-date loyalty stamp.

Egli ha detto: “I strongly sympathise and understand all customer service workers who go through similar thingsbut in different situations and environmentson a daily basis.

It certainly made it harder to motivate yourself to get up in the morning”.

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He did tell of the perks of free sausage rolls, pastries and donuts dailywith staff allowed to takebagsof food home for their families.

But that didn’t make up for the hassle, with the worker declining to return to the shop after lockdown in 2020.

So looking back at it now, was it all really worth it? The kindest answer is no,” Ha aggiunto.

Even by the time the first lockdown was imposed, I felt like a walking zombie.

The long hours were particularly draining.

Sometimes you’d be working five days on shift patterns of 14 hour days which can be demanding.

He also told how strict sandwich making guidelines had to be followed.

If the ingredients were even slightly out, the whole thing had to be remade.

But what firmed up his decision not to come back when asked to was therudeness of customers”.

Ha aggiunto: “People can be so thoughtless and insensitive as to how their actions might be devastating or impact another person.

The abuse was unjustified and uncalled for.

Greggs has been approached for comment.

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