Sto fumando per il vicino egoista che prenota il parcheggio fuori casa mia

A FRUSTRATED motorist has taken to social media to vent over their selfish neighbour.

Despite the on-street parking outside the motorist’s home being shared-use, the neighbour has been reserving spaces.

A neighbour used cones to reserve parking space

A neighbour used cones to reserve parking spaceCredito: Reddit @u/Flyingtoefish

User Flyingtoefish took to Reddit to express the anger the situation is causing them, uploading a picture of the problem.

The Reddit user said: “Neighbour decided to save parking space..

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The uploaded picture shows the shared parking spaces outside their home with two cones placed to prevent other drivers from parking there.

People in the comments couldn’t believe the actions of the neighbour.

uno ha detto: “Move them, but don’t park there… keep a video camera in the space. Offer the video to them as evidence.

Un altro ha detto: “Whenever I see this, I move the cones. It doesn’t matter where I am, I just move the cones.

purtroppo, other Reddit users are also experiencing the same situation.

uno ha detto: “Had some crazy t**t in London (Willesden) literally terrorise an entire road with this.

Un altro ha sottolineato: “We have a neighbour who puts a bin in ‘their space’.

I will probably print a sticker defining the highway code and obstruction of a highway, with penalties on them to stick on the bin.

Ma, only one user thinks that the Reddit user should be more patient with her neighbour.

uno ha detto: “Be fair, give them a day.

There might be a good reason for temporarily reserving those spaces, including an impending delivery of items, materials for garden work, or a skip.

The Highways Act 1980 stati: “It is an offence to obstruct the highway without permission from the local authority.