I’m furious after McDonald’s refused to give me a slice of CHEESEit’s insane

A MAN was left fuming after McDonald’s refused to give him a slice of cheeseand it happened more than once.

Musician Louis Wright was left empty handed after attempting to purchase a McPlant vegan burger without vegan cheese and a separate slice of cheese by itself in another box.

Louis Wright was left fuming after McDonald's refused his simple request

Louis Wright was left fuming after McDonald’s refused his simple requestAnerkennung: Kennedy News and Media
Louis wanted to have a McPlant without the cheese with a slice of cheese in a separate box

Louis wanted to have a McPlant without the cheese with a slice of cheese in a separate boxAnerkennung: Louis Wright/Triangle News
But he was bafflingly refused his request not once but twice

But he was bafflingly refused his request not once but twiceAnerkennung: Louis Wright/Triangle News

Louis uploaded the argument to Tick ​​Tack, where it has racked up over one million views after the restaurant refused his simple request.

Staff refused to serve him the solitary slice as it wentagainst the whole vegan thing,” with the manager telling him that he couldget into a lot of troubleor even fired if Louis added normal cheese to the McPlant.

Louis was left stunned having previously been refused service for the same order a couple of nights earlier, before going back to film it all.

In the viral clip, Louis explains: “Basically two nights ago we went to MC Donalds I wanted a McPlant but I wanted normal cheese on it.

They wouldn’t serve it with the normal cheese. I get it, allergies, so I asked for it separately in a box.

They wouldn’t give me the cheese, they refused to serve me the cheese, so I’m back for vengeance out of pure spite.

Footage shows Louis pulling up at the drive-thru and ordering a medium McPlant meal.

Er addiert: “On the McPlant, could I have normal cheese instead of vegan cheese please?,” but is told by the server that the restaurantcan’t do that as it goes against the whole vegan thing.

Having anticipated the employee’s response he asks if he can have the burger with no cheese, as well as a separate slice of cheese.

Although the order was approved, this was only the start of the musician’s “Albtraum” ordeal.

jedoch, another member of staff came out to Louiscar and told him that hecan’t do thatas he’d ordered a vegan product.

A baffled Louis compromised by asking for a slice of cheese in the box while saying he would pay the full whack for a cheeseburger.

Er sagte: “I’m having the McPlant, no cheese, then I’ll have a cheeseburger, with nothing except for the cheese in a box.

I’ll pay full cheeseburger price. I just want a cheeseburger, no bun, no nothing except for the cheese.

After his protestations, the manager of the restaurant was brought out to speak to Louis.

The TikToker revealed that this was the same manager he’d spoken to when attempting to order the slice of cheese a few days earlier.

I’m not going to sell it to you, because you’re going to put it in the burger”, said the manager.

I’m allowed to do that,” said Louis. “That’s not for you to say, whether I can put the cheese in my burger or not.

I just want a piece of cheese separately. You can’t determine where I’m going to put it.

The manager then stubbornly replied: “You can complain to the head office if you’d like.

They’ll tell you the same thing. You can’t put normal cheese in the burger. If you put it in there and then plaster it all over social media saying look what we’ve done, it’s me that gets fired.

I’ve got a wife and kids. I’m not getting fired over a slice of cheese.

Astounded at the ridiculousness of the conversation he was having, Louis remarked: “I could go home and put a brick in it and bite it and say ‘look, I found a brick in my burger’.

That’s completely up to me to do. I just want a slice of cheese dude.

After the manager bafflingly stood his ground, a frustrated Louis labelled their stance asf***ing stupid”.

He wouldn’t serve me cheese in case I put it in my burger. He served me cheese bites, I bought cheese bites! I’m going to put them up my f***ing a** for all he cares. Mission two failed.

But it was third time lucky for Louis whose bizarre story had a happy ending.

After speaking to an employee who had watched his previous TikTok video, he finally got his hands on his desired meal on a third visit, leading to celebrations and a long-awaited bite into the burger.

TikTokers were quick to comment on his situation as thousands of people left comments on the viral video.

How is it any of their business what you do with your food?,” asked one.

You even said you’d pay the full price of a cheeseburger! For a SLICE of cheese!”

While a second asked: “Why are they gatekeeping this cheese? Who hurt them?”

Others called into question the restaurant’s logic, with one asking: “So if I order a McPlant burger, am I not allowed to order a Big Mac for a friend, just in case I eat meat and put cheese in my burger?”.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We apologise that the customer was disappointed with their experience on this occasion.

We understand that the team member was following our advice to restaurants which is not to customise the product with non-vegan ingredients to protect its integrity.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

However we accept that the guidance may have been misinterpreted on this occasion and the restaurant team have been made aware.

We’d encourage the customer to contact our customer services who will be able to help find a resolution.

Louis eventually celebrates as he manages to secure the slice of cheese

Louis eventually celebrates as he manages to secure the slice of cheeseAnerkennung: Louis Wright/Triangle News
The TikToker's nightmare ordeal had finally come to an end

The TikToker’s nightmare ordeal had finally come to an endAnerkennung: Louis Wright/Triangle News