I’m jealous of my partner pleasuring himself when he is away for work

عزيزي الديد: THE thought of my partner masturbating while we’re apart makes me so jealous.

My partner and I used to have sex at least four times a day, but now he’s posted away for work, I’m struggling without him.

انا 34 وهو 37. We often get fruity when he’s allowed to make a call, but now the thought of him pleasuring himself when I’m not there makes me feel uncontrollably jealous.

He’s not calling as much any more because my jealousy is getting in the way.

How can I stop this so that we can enjoy more phone sex?

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يقول ديدير: The best thing you can do is share your feelings with your partner and express how difficult it’s been.

This will give you both the opportunity to really understand each other and give the support you both need.

Jealousy is unhealthy, and my support pack Dealing With Jealousy will give you an insight into the emotion and strategies on dealing with these negative feelings.