I’m skint after going to Xmas marketsI have strong feelings on the food

WINTER Wonderland has been dubbed arip offafter one girl said it left herskint.

Scarlett Gladwin went to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland and uploaded a vlog on Tick ​​Tack showing her followers the food she bought.

Scarlett Gladwin shared her experience of Winter Wonderland's food stalls

Scarlett Gladwin shared her experience of Winter Wonderland’s food stallsAnerkennung: TikTok/scarlettgladwin
Chocolate covered strawberries appeared to be worth the price

Chocolate covered strawberries appeared to be worth the priceAnerkennung: TikTok/scarlettgladwin

She rated five items from the market out of ten and posted her opinions to warn others before they fork out their hard earned cash.

Scarlett captioned her video and wrote: “Am skint now.

First Scarlett rated the controversial tornado chips sold at one of the stalls and gave them a generous eight out of ten.

Die Sonne im Internet previously visited the Hyde Park market and discovered the potato on a stick was priced at £7

Someone commented on the video: “Girl you wasted about £10k’s worth of tornado chips thereas the potato slices broke off and fell to the floor.

Next the content creator sampled a super cheesy pizza pretzel and scored it a seven.

But a warming Baileys hot chocolate was Scarlett’s highest scorer, achieving full marks at 10/10.

The average price for a mug of regular coco at Winter Wonderland this year was between £4 and £5, gemäß MyLondon

A close second werehealthy and deliciouschocolate coated strawberries which deserved a nine out of 10.

Her mac and cheese portion ranked last with a five out of ten as she described it asa bit watery.

As reported by MyLondon, the cost of The Mac Factory’s Ho-Ho Hog Mac and Cheese costs a whopping £10, risen by just over a pound from last year.

Other disappointed visitors have taken to social media to share their frustrations about the steep prices.

One person took to Facebook and fumed: “I would say it’s a complete rip off, so expensive and overpriced.

Eine weitere Person hinzugefügt: “It’s a big fun fair, everything is overpriced, and it’s not even comparable to a good Weihnachten market.

Another parent was quick to join in adding: “[Das] kids will have fun. Expensive yes, overpriced sure but do a few rides then leave and eat before you go that helps.

Meanwhile someone else simply said: “It’s a rip off.

One couple who visited the seasonal attraction spent £176 which made theirpockets hurt.

The pair also revealed in a TikTok video how they spent over £35 on food in total across the evening.

But the biggest expenditure by far was a huge £60 spent on games with the TikToker filming himself attempting to shoot hoops in basketball and knocking down targets with a ball.

As Brits across the nation struggle this Christmas amid the crippling Lebenskosten Krise, many have dismissed Winter Wonderland as a festive fun day out.

But it’s not the only Christmas market charging high prices.

Raging punters slammed the Manchester stalls as not Christmassy genug, with vendors instead offering an array of overpriced food and drinks.

Outraged Brits have claimed it would becheaper to go to Germanythan stay in Manchester as the cost of hotels and transport soar.

Another explained that he and his partner wereripped offafter their bill for two cups of cocoa came to £16and when they returned later they saw it had increased to £18.

Most of her £7 tornado chips fell tot he floor as she ate them

Most of her £7 tornado chips fell tot he floor as she ate themAnerkennung: TikTok/scarlettgladwin
The mac and cheese didn't rate so high as she described it as "a bit watery"

The mac and cheese didn’t rate so high as she described it asa bit wateryAnerkennung: TikTok/scarlettgladwin
The pizza pretzel scored highly

The pizza pretzel scored highlyAnerkennung: TikTok/scarlettgladwin
EIN "atemberaubend" Baileys hot chocolate went down a treat

EIN “atemberaubend” Baileys hot chocolate went down a treatAnerkennung: TikTok/scarlettgladwin