Estou cansado de sempre ser esnobado em aplicativos de namoro – mulheres me bloqueiam imediatamente

DEAR DEIDRE: IT doesn’t matter which dating app I go on, I have yet to meet a genuine woman who wants a relationship with me.

The people I meet on these sites are either scammers, sex workers or women who block me straight away without any attempt to get to know me.

I'm tired of being snubbed on dating apps but I don't know how else to meet a woman

I’m tired of being snubbed on dating apps but I don’t know how else to meet a woman

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I’m a 44-year-old single guy working in the hospitality industry.

I’m not the best-looking bloke, but I’m not ugly either.

It seems looks matter a lot, even when people say they don’t.

I also cook, keep my flat clean, am fit and healthy, plus I’m always polite.

My first messages to someone I like are always appropriate, mas 99 per cent of the time they get ignored.

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It is so depressing I’m thinking of coming off these sites altogether.

But then how else can I find a woman to have a relationship with?

DEIDRE DIZ: There are some cruel and dishonest people out there, but that doesn’t mean you should stop using dating sites altogether.

Scammers do exist, so follow some simple rules to protect yourself online – for example, never share financial information. My support pack Love Online explains more.

And perhaps a slight change in focus might help.

Concentrate on making friends. Out of these friendships, romance can blossom.

My support pack Widening Your Social Scene has lots of suggestions to get you started.