Dentro la casa di campagna della star della BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty con gatti ovunque

BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty is a staple in millions of homes around the country as people wake up to her on their TVs.

When she’s not in the studio, the broadcaster, 46, can be found at her country pad with husband James Haggar and their adorable cats Bella, Kinky and Ronnie.

Naga Munchetty at home with her three cats

Naga Munchetty at home with her three catsCredito: Instagram
The BBC star lives in Hertfordshire

The BBC star lives in Hertfordshire

The Hertfordshire house has been home to the couple since 2010 and is something of a sanctuary to Naga.

She previously told the Mail: “If I’m not away working, I’ll be curled up on this sofa most nights watching TV and stroking my two Siamese cats, Kinky and Ronnie

I was born and bred in south London, so living in Hertfordshire is a big change and I love it.

I can look out of the window and see nothing but feels and I feel very safe here. I wanted a dog, but it wouldn’t fit our lifestyle, so we got the cats and they’re our pride and joy.

The home has a large garden with an immaculate lawn, while inside there’s a cream leather sofa where Naga and the cats unwind.

Naga married her Spurs-mad husband in 2007.

Earlier this year she defended their straight-talking conversational style and put it down to them both being embedded in the TV industry.

She said on her Radio 5 mostrare: “I think also it’s really easy as a couple to look at other couples or TV couples and think, ‘That’s the way to do it’.

The way me and my partner speak is really succinct, just because of the jobs we do.

We’re both in TV and have to be really succinct in everyday life and that’s how we’re used to talking to each other. Others may think, 'Oh, they’re a bit rude to each other’, but we’re not, it’s just how we communicate.

A colourful rug covers the wooden floor

A colourful rug covers the wooden floorCredito: Instagram
The country home is stylishly decorated

The country home is stylishly decoratedCredito: Instagram

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