In Long Island Medium Theresas 782.000-Dollar-Haus mit riesigem Schrank & Geisterraum

GO INSIDE Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo’s $782K New York home with a massive walk-in closet and special podcast room she uses to contact spirits.

The spiritual TLC star has lived in Long Island her entire life and has resided in her current home for decades, which she has continued to renovate, as it now includes even a koi pond.

Long Island Medium's Theresa Caputo has resided in her $782K home for decades

Long Island Medium’s Theresa Caputo has resided in her $782K home for decadesAnerkennung: Google
Theresa has a special spirit room in her home to run her podcast, Hey Spirit

Theresa has a special spirit room in her home to run her podcast, Hey SpiritAnerkennung: Instagram / Theresa Caputo

The Sun can exclusively reveal Theresa, 55, bought her home in 1988 for $160K and the property’s value has now increased to $782,500, an over 107% increase in value.

Das 2,819 square foot two-story home includes seven rooms as well as a pool and hot tub.

On Theresa’s Instagram, she often hosts family and friends over at her home for birthdays, Ferien, girls nights out, and family occasions.

The outdoors of the first floor of her home is covered in a neutral gray stone, which she poses smiling in front of in several photos on her Instagram, while the second story is has light grey wooden panels.

Her living room is spacious and open, with wooden rafters exposed underneath the high ceiling.

Theresa chose to stick with a neutral toned interior design palette to match the front of her house.

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Meenas Emmerdale-Untergang als Show-Boss enthüllt 17 Offenbarungen

The walls, Möbel, and decor alternate between off-white, Braun, and gray shades.

Theresa dedicated a special alcove of her home to a space to run her podcast Hey Spirit from, where she consults with guests to talk to the dead.

Her office space is modest, furnished with a plain small desk and chair.

In one photo posted to Instagram from Theresa’s Hickville home, she showed off an outfit inside of her massive color-organized walk in closet.

In other photos on her feed, fans can spot the star cooking in the kitchen with her children and spending quality time in her home.

The psychic star appears to be particularly proud of her koi pond in her backyard, as she claims to find peace in spending her summer mornings feeding the fish.

Theresa raised her two children, Victoria und Larry Jr, in the home with her ex-husband Larry.


Victoria, 26, ist expecting her first child as she shared sonograms five weeks away from the baby’s due date.

Victoria posted a series of photos of her sonograms after her doctor’s appointment on Monday.

She included adorable videos of her unborn baby girl in her mother’s belly upon her February due date.

Victoria captioned the post: “In just about 5 weeks my chunky monkey will be here! Look at those lips already.

And all this time i thought she looked like me until this sonogram. We might have a mini @michaelmastrandrea on our hands!”

Ihr Ehemann Michael Mastrandrea replied to the post with a sweet message for his pregnant wife: “I can’t wait to hold her and raise her with you! You’re gonna be the best mom ever.

Das Ehepaar revealed they were expecting their first child back in August on social media.

Victoria captioned a different photo on Instagram: “Special delivery coming February 2022,as a nod to her husband’s profession.

Michael owns and works in an Italian restaurant.

The snaps showed a onesie with a slice of pizza andspecial deliveryemblazoned on the front, next to an announcement board and a pair infant’s shoes.

In other photos, the couple wore black t-shirts with pizzas on them with one slice missing: they hold up a smaller t-shirt with the missing slice.

Another photo showed Victoria wearing apizza in the ovent-shirt alongside her husband who wore one which said, “The pizza maker.

Victoria and Michael married in a Long Island ceremony in May 2021.

He proposed to Victoria in February 2019 nach zwei Jahren Dating.

Sie purchased their first home together im Mai 2020.

The couple shared the news with their fans on Instagram, und schrieb: “Holy s**t we’re homeowners.”


Theresa, known for her large hair and over-the-top looks, has been slammed for her wild style and signature hair.

Letzten Monat, the TV personality posted a photo of her partial updo with side bands and longer pieces falling in waves around her shoulders.

Fans ripped the look apart in the comments section and posted: “Hair extensions and a rats next on the top, time for a makeover.

Another person agreed and commented: “And btw your hair looks ridiculous.

A third hater bashed her and said: “Change your hairstyle to look younger you have a beautiful face.

Theresa has addressed the backlash in the past as she hit back at haters who commented on her hairstyle.

While promoting an upcoming episode of her podcast, sie took the opportunity to address critics of her look.

After a fan commented on her hair, Sie hat geantwortet: “Thank you so much, I do like my hair!

Even though a lot of people comment they don’t like my hair, I still like my hair.

She then asked fans to comment and weigh in on whether or not they’d like to see a TikTok tutorial about how she gets her hair to stay so full of volume.

Some fans begged the Long Island native to share her secrets, while others weren’t on board.

Einer kommentierte: “Theresa, the bee hive needs to go along with the long hair. Wear your hair the way you used to.

Ein anderer schrieb: “That hair is too much!”

Vor kurzem, Theres’a style was recently brought into question when she posted a photo with her daughter Victoria, son Larry, and their partners over Christmas.

In dem Bild, the Long Island Medium star sported a form-fitting silver dress and fishnet stockings.

On her Instagram feed, Theresa has showed off her massive color-coordinated walk-in closet

On her Instagram feed, Theresa has showed off her massive color-coordinated walk-in closetAnerkennung: Instagram / Theresa Caputo
Theresa appears to be particularly proud of her koi pond she maintains in her backyard

Theresa appears to be particularly proud of her koi pond she maintains in her backyardAnerkennung: Instagram / Theresa Caputo
Theresa's daughter Victoria, 26, is expecting her first child in 'about 5 weeks'

Theresa’s daughter Victoria, 26, is expecting her first child in ‘about 5 Wochen’Anerkennung: Instagram @viccaputo

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo shares that she is recovering well at home after testing positive for Covid

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