Una mirada al interior de John Delorean como el mito del documental de Netflix & Mogul llega a las pantallas

HE created one of the world’s most distinctive cars – the DMC-12 with its winged doors that opened upwards, immortalised in the classic Michael J Fox movie Back To The Future.

And John DeLorean managed to transform himself from a poor immigrant’s son into a wealthy playboy — before his entire business came crashing down.

New bombshllh & Mogul: John DeLorean documents his turbulent life and career.New bombshll

New bombshllh & Mogul: John DeLorean documents his turbulent life and career.New bombshllCrédito: Getty
John DeLorean with wife Cristina Ferrare and the classic car that bears his name

John DeLorean with wife Cristina Ferrare and the classic car that bears his nameCrédito: Getty

Ahora, 40 years after the first of his slick stainless steel motors rolled off the production line in Belfast, Netflix show Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean documents his turbulent life and career.

And despite the scandalous business dealings that left his company and family in tatters, his ex-wife and son defend his legacy in the three-part show.

Son Zach said: “If my father had just done things on the straight and narrow instead of cutting a little corner off, he probably would have gone farther than he had.

“But 15 years after my father’s death there’s still this following of the car. I think that’s really what should be acknowledged.

“He was trying to make a difference. That’s what that car should represent.”

The DMC-12, made by the DeLorean Motor Company, which he founded in 1973, epitomised late Seventies design.


The US entrepreneur’s career and celebrity had appeared to reach a peak, with a fortune in the bank and a stunning third wife, model Cristina Ferrare.

Él era 48 y ella fue 23 when they married.

He had reinvented himself into the king of cars, keeping his body gym-honed and even having jaw fillers to make him look more masculine.

It was the same sexy aesthetic he poured into designing the DMC-12 and setting up a plant in Belfast after a deal with our Government.

But the writing was on the wall when he embezzled £14million after Whitehall gave him a £100million grant to open a factory and bring jobs to the city.

Orders for his car never materialised, forcing him to try to rescue his company by offering to smuggle $24million of cocaine — then getting caught by the FBI in 1982.

He was eventually acquitted but his wife Cristina left him after the scandal broke.

She said in the documentary: “I went to where he was incarcerated at the time and he walked into the room with the orange jumpsuit.

Michael J Fox standing on top of the DMC-12 in Back to the Future

Michael J Fox standing on top of the DMC-12 in Back to the FutureCrédito: Alamy

“I’d brought him the cover of Time magazine — it was his dream to be on the cover of Time magazine.

“I threw it on the table and I said, 'Bien, there’s your legacy right there. Are you proud of what happened, of what you’ve done?"

“He touched it with his hands, picked it up, looked at it and smiled. Él dijo, ‘I have made millions and lost millions in my life and half the fun is getting it all back’.

“John never ever realised the damage, how it affected me, su esposa de 11 años, psychologically. He didn’t care. And the worst thing of all, his children.

“It’s not that he is a mean man. He doesn’t have the chip in his brain to think that way. But I have no regrets — it was a great ride until it wasn’t.”

The son of Romanian and Hungarian immigrants who lived in one of the poorest parts of Detroit, Michigan, America’s Motor City, DeLorean rose through the ranks of General Motors to become an automobile tycoon.

He often adopted desperate measures to get to the top, including one notorious incident in 1974 when he tried to buy the patents for a car cooling system from its inventor, Walter “Pete” Avrea.

When Avrea refused, one of DeLorean’s associates threatened the family.

Avrea’s daughter, Jeannie said: “He called up my father and said, ‘I know where your daughter lives and I know where that little granddaughter of yours goes to school’.

“He hung up and I think that phone call was when my dad said, ‘That’s enough’. He doesn’t care who he tramples on — he was a monster.”

But his methods worked and he acquired a string of homes, including a country mansion and a plush apartment on New York’s elite Fifth Avenue.

He loved women almost as much as property and cars and saw sex as an important part of being a success.

Él dijo: “I’ve got a reasonably strong sex drive. No man who ever accomplished something didn’t have that characteristic.”

John married 19-year-old model Kelly Harmon — 25 years his junior — in 1969, and even dated actresses including Ursula Andress and Candice Bergen.

He and Candice were one of the golden couples of the Seventies, and their partnership was an important part of his public image as the humble man who had worked hard but still couldn’t believe his luck.

Good fortune wasn’t always on his side, aunque.

DeLorean could not get men who were highly skilled enough to work in the DMC-12 plant, and the terms of his UK grant meant he had to rush to complete the first motors in two years.

That inevitably led to a poor finished product.

Veteran BBC correspondent Gavin Esler recalls trying to film a report featuring him test-driving one of the first models.

Él dijo: “The plan was I would get in the car, drive round the block, come to where the camera was and I would open the door of the car, look into the camera and say, ‘This is the DeLorean dream’.


“But the door wouldn’t open. Not only would the door not open, the window wouldn’t open and there was no way to get out. The DeLorean engineers came round and opened the other door and I got dragged out.”

The PR disaster didn’t help slow construction and sales of the car.

In the end only 9,000 were built and 6,000 vendido.

DeLorean also didn’t quite realise how dangerous Belfast was when he started to build the plant in 1978, at the height of The Troubles.

Former Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman, a reporter in the region at the time, dicho: “The whole DeLorean project did give the people a sense of optimism and hope and engagement in the future.

“But the two communities had grown apart — Protestant and Catholic — and it was a particularly brutal kind of war.”

During one night of unrest part of the plant was destroyed and DeLorean hoped this might convince the Government to give him more money to shore up the business.

Pero en 1979 Margaret Thatcher’s Conservatives came into power and they refused to bankroll DMC.

Desperate John turned to drug dealer Jim Hoffman, promising to smuggle 220lb of cocaine.

But in a sting, US detectives recorded him in 1982 making the deal.

It led to his arrest and his company was liquidated, forcing hundreds of workers in Belfast back into the already lengthy dole queues.

US detectives recorded DeLaurean making the deal in 1982 and arrested him

US detectives recorded DeLaurean making the deal in 1982 and arrested him

Yet despite the strong evidence against him, he was acquitted in 1985 after he gained an unlikely saviour in the form of pornographer Larry Flynt.

Flynt decided to get hold of more footage from the filmed FBI sting — which showed John had been entrapped.

Flynt said: “When I first saw the tape of the sting, it blew my mind because I said, ‘They set him up’. I felt compelled to make it public.”

His lawyers, claiming entrapment, got him off.

Pornographer Larry Flynt came to the rescue of DeLaurean who realised the FBI had 'set him up'

Pornographer Larry Flynt came to the rescue of DeLaurean who realised the FBI had ‘set him upCrédito: Reuters

After the case, DeLorean joked about his destroyed reputation: “Would you buy a used car off me?"

The irony is that the DMC-12s are now collectors’ items, with fanatics holding regular conventions.

DeLorean attended one of the events in 2000 and claimed he was working on two new successors to the DMC-12, which would outperform McLarens and Porsches.

In fact he was selling second-hand watches on the internet in New Jersey.

His son, Zach, said the former playboy was still too proud to tell the truth, even when it was obvious he was nearing the end of his life, que entró 2005 as a result of a stroke.

Él era 80 años.

Zach said: “I hadn’t really seen my dad in a couple of years. He was hunched over and you could just see the physical toll it took on him.

“But it was important for his ego and his image to say, ‘I am working on something — this is who I am’.”

Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean is on Netflix now.

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