In Molly-Maes Endometriose-Kampf und Fruchtbarkeitsängsten, als sie enthüllt, dass sie mit dem ersten Kind schwanger ist

LOVE Island fans were over the moon when they found out that show favourite Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are expecting their first child earlier today.

Over the years the 23-year-old has been honest and open about her infertility fears and battle with endometriosis.

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury revealed that they are expecting their first child

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury revealed that they are expecting their first childAnerkennung: Instagram
Molly-Mae was diagnosed with endometriosis in June 2021

Molly-Mae was diagnosed with endometriosis in June 2021Anerkennung: Youtube

Molly-Mae has shared how she’s been worried that she won’t be able to conceive a baby with the boxer because of the condition.

The reality star has used her platform to raise awareness of endometriosis and help inform others of one of the most common gynaecological conditions.

jedoch, today the couplewho placed second on Love Island in 2019 – shared the amazing news that she’s pregnant.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition which occurs when tissue from the lining of the womb is found outside of the womb – in Bereichen des Körpers einschließlich der Eierstöcke, Eileiter, Bauch und Blase.

Zurück im Juni 2021 Molly-Mae revealed that she had been diagnosed with endometriosis after ‘excruciating’ periods, and she was set to have surgery.

On a YouTube vlog, Sie erklärte: “I actually have got to have an operation for something that I want to tell you guys about. It’s kind of a good thing and it’s kind of a bad thing.

I’ve told you guys for so long now that I suffer with excruciating periods and so many of you guys were commenting on my videos telling me to check for endometriosis.

Molly-Mae added: “Straight away they said ‘You absolutely do have endometriosis, it’s clear as day’. So I guess that’s kind of a good thing because at least I know now what it is.

What causes endometriosis?

The exact cause of the condition isn’t known, but it’s thought it could be hereditary or due to environmental factorsnamely the presence of dioxins in the environment.

inzwischen, other experts believe it could be caused by a process called retrograde menstruation, which is when the womb lining flows backwards through the Fallopian tubes into the abdomen, instead of leaving the body as a period.

Endometriose kann manchmal Schäden an den Eileitern oder Eierstöcken verursachen, zu Fruchtbarkeitsproblemen führen.

Andere Komplikationen können schmerzhafte Ovarialzysten und Verwachsungen sein – Gewebebereiche, die Organe verschmelzen können

It’s not a good thing that I have endometriosis, because obviously it can affect fertility and loads of other things, and you can never really cure it.

The PLT creative director then revealed to fans in October last year that she had surgery for her endometriosis, but had kept it a secret.

A month later she continued to candidly document her battle with endometriosis by revealing her surgery scar on her YouTube channel.

The star has given support and hope to many battling the women’s health condition with her no-frills analysis of her experience of excruciating pain akinto labour und sein “unable to stand updue to her suffering.

But in February this year she opened up about her surgery and revealed her concerns that it didn’t work.

Molly-Mae gepostet als new YouTube video called ‘spend my period week with meand fought back tears as she spoke to her subscribers.

So guys, the period came. I literally feeljust like so rubbish. I just know that my operation hasn’t worked and it’s just sad,” Sie sagte.

When I come on my period, that is the day for me, it’s not really any other day that I suffer too badly. It’s just I come on. The pain is unbearable.

“Mein Körper ist der einzige, den ich jemals haben werde, the pain is better than is used to be since I’ve had the operation. It’s one of those days where I have to somehow make it through the day while being in so much pain.

And a month later she revealed that having sex with Tommy was still excruciating.

Despite her troubles, Molly-Mae and Tommy have started a family of their own.

Sharing a sweet video with fans showing off Molly-Mae’s bump earlier today on Instagram, Sie sagten: “I can’t wait for the adventures that we haven’t even dreamed of yet”.