Dentro del plan paso a paso para el funeral de la Reina, incluido el servicio de la Abadía de Westminster

THE Queen’s funeral details have been revealed, with royals flanking Her Majesty’s coffin as she’s laid to rest after seven decades of service.

The national will come to a standstill for the Monarch’s state funeral on Monday, septiembre 19.

The Queen will be farewelled on Monday, here's a step-by-step breakdown of her funeral

The Queen will be farewelled on Monday, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of her funeralCrédito: AFP

The funeral, which will begin at 11am and is being held at Westminster Abbey, comes after millions of mourners paid their respects to her in the last seven days.

It will bring solemn scenes, but also see the royal family united as Principe Harry y Principe William pararse uno al lado del otro.

Here is a step-by-step break down of the day:

Ahead of the funeral, a bearer party will carry the Queen’s coffin in procession from Westminister Hall to the gun carriage outside the north door.

Royal Navy ratings will the haul the coffin by rope, setting off at 10.44am.

The procession will be led by about 200 musicians, playing the pipes and drums.

As they did yesterday, the royals will follow the gun carriage.

On the way to Westminster Abbey, the procession will go through Parliament Square, Broad Sanctuary and the Sanctuary.

The route will be lined by Navy and Royal Navy marines.


The state funeral starts at 11am and will be conducted by Dean of Westminister.

Prime Minister Liz Truss, and Commonwealth Secretary-General Hon Patricia Scotland KC will read lessons, and a sermon will be given by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

The dean will then pronounce his blessing.

At 11.55am The Last Post will sound, followed by a two minute silence which will be observed throughout the country.

The National Anthem and lament will bring the service to an end at 12noon.

A bearer party will then lift the coffin and move in procession through great west door to the gun carriage.

They will be followed by King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, Wills and Kate and other family members, as they walk to Wellington Arch.

The route will be lined by armed forces, formed in seven groups.

The foreign secretary will then host a reception for foreign dignitaries.

The King will then lead the royal family walking in procession, with others following by car.

Minute guns will be fired in Hyde Park, and Big Ben will toll throughout the procession.

At 1pm, the procession will arrive at Wellington Arch.

The bearer party will place the Queen’s coffin into the state hearse, and she will begin her final journey to Windsor.

The national anthem will be played, while the royal family depart for Windsor by car.


The hearse will arrive at the Shaw Farm Gate on Albert Road at 3.06pm.

At 3.10pm, the procession will step off.

They will head to the Chapel via Albert Road, Long Walk, George IV Drive, proceeding down Chapel Hill and into Horseshoe Cloister.

At 3.40pm, the royals walking in procession will join it at Quadrangle.

The route will be lined by armed forces.

Minute guns will be fired from position on East Lawn as the Queen’s coffin moves from Shaw Farm Gate to George VI Chapel.

Guard of honour of 110 rank and file and three officers from grenadier guards will form in Horseshoe Cloister.

At 3.53pm the procession will halt at bottom of the west steps to the Chapel and the bearer party will carry the coffin up.

St George’s chapel will be opened to family and household staff.

At 3.25pm the royal family not walking in procession will arrive at west chapel and be escorted to their seats.

At 4pm, the committal service begins.


The coffin procession will head down Central Aisel to Catafalque, and the service will be conducted by the Dean of Windsor.

A choir will sing during service.

Prior to final hymn, the imperial state crown, orb and sceptre will be removed from coffin by a crown jeweller, then pass them to the dean who will place them on the high altar.

At the end of final hymn, the King will place something on the coffin.

Lord Chamberlain will break his wand of arm and place it on the coffin.

The coffin will then be lowered into royal vault, while a Sovereign piper will play a lament.

The King and royal family will the depart for Windor Castle, for the Queen’s burial in the King George VI memorial chapel.

The funeral will be concluded with a private internment at 7.30pm at Windsor Castle.