Inside the life of Netflix’s Dahmer star Evans Peters

OVER the years, Evan Peters has become known for his dark roles, which now includes Netflix’s Dahmer.

But some fans often wonder what else there is to know about the actor, especially about who he is dating.

 Evan Peters has become an in demand actor

Evan Peters has become an in demand actor信用: 盖蒂图片社 – 盖蒂

Who is Evan Peters?

Actor Evan was born in St Louis, 密苏里州, 在一月 20, 1987.

在 2001, 在...的年龄 14, Evan’s family relocated to 密歇根州 where he began modelling and taking acting classes.

After attending Grand Blanc Community High School he moved to LA with his mother at the age of 15 to pursue a career in acting.

He briefly attended Burbank High School before getting home schooled.

Evan had his first break into the film industry when he was cast as Adam Sheppard in Clipping Adam.

His performance won him the Best Breakthrough Performance award at the Phoenix Film Festival.

After starring in a host of TV advertsincluding for the likes of PlayStation, Papa John’s Pizza and Kellogghe starred in The Sleepover as well as the ABC series The Days and 迪士尼 Channel’s Phil of the Future.

What movies and TV shows has Evan Peters starred in?

The actor has had roles in household shows such as One Tree Hill, 房子, The Office, In Plain Sight and Parenthood to name a few.

Evan’s breakthrough role was Todd Haynes in 2010’s superhero film Kick-Ass.

But it was really his role of teenage sociopathic murderer Tate Langdon in American Horror Story that made him a household namehe has since gone on to star in all of the subsequent series of the hit show.

He plays mutant Quicksilver in the X Men franchise.

Evan has also starred in BBC’s Pose.

在 2022 he had viewers hiding behind their sofas in Netflix’s true crime horror series, Dahmer.

Is Evan Peters married and does he have any children?

As of September 2022, Evan is a single man.

虽然 he has dated a string of Hollywood beauties, the actor has never been married.

Evan also doesn’t have any children at this time.

Who has Evan Peters dated?

Evan famously dated actress 艾玛·罗伯茨niece of Julia Roberts – 从 2012 for six years.

The former couple met while working together on Adult World.

Evan and Emma got engaged in March 2014.

But by March 2018 这 pair revealed they had split up.

After the break up with Emma, Evan dated singer Halsey 直到 2020.