YouTuber ハリー ピネロの生活の中で

IT’S FAIR to say YouTube has launched the career of many entertainers, and also helped boost their bank balances.

One vlogger who has reaped the benefits of the streaming site is Harry Pinero.

Harry Pinero is a YouTube star and businessman

Harry Pinero is a YouTube star and businessmanクレジット: ゲッティ

Who is Harry Pinero?

5月生まれ 6, 1991 and hailing from Peckham, ロンドン, Harry Pinero describes himself as anatural-born entertainer and presenter”.

ザ・ YouTuber is best known for his funny videos, which have gained him a HUGE following.

He is also a savvy businessman, and has manged to build himself an empire, thanks to his social media content.

7月に 2022 Harry and his good pal Chunkz teamed up with WhatsApp to promote their business app.

太陽と話す, he told us: “Chunkz and I respect the hustle, so we wanted to share some top business advice to help these young entrepreneurs get started.

The WhatsApp business app is the simplest and easiest way to start up and run a business. No stuffy emails, no expensive website, just keeping it real.”

Harry also makes money through paid partnerships, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships, and is reported to have a net worth of around £200K.

How did Harry Pinero become famous?

Harry joined YouTube back in November 2018, and has since seen his popularity soar.

9月現在 2022, the vlogger has 446K subscribers to his channel, HarryPinero.

His most popular video on his channel is called General knowledge with Chunkz & Darkest man which was published on December 27, 2020.

Away from YouTube, he has 1M followers on Instagram, 250K followers on Twitter, and 1M followers on TikTok.

Harry also co-hosts a Spotify-exclusive podcast called Who We Be TALKS.

Does Harry Pinero have any children?

Harry has one son with long-time love and singer Miraa May.

Some outlets report that the couple are married, but this is not known, as he tends to keep is personal private, and away from the spotlight.

We do know that they welcomed their son Akeem on May 2020.