Les fans d'iPhone se déchaînent pour un piratage époustouflant pour localiser le combiné éteint

TRACKING on the iPhone is great if your device is lost or stolenbut many people don’t realise it still works even when switched off.

UNE TikToker has gone viral after revealing her shocking iPhone retrieval which meant she was able to get her handset back from thieves.

Changing a few settings allowed TikToker to get stolen phone back

Changing a few settings allowed TikToker to get stolen phone backCrédit: @katrinaforeal

You need to do this iPhone hack in case your phone gets stolen because mine did last night and I got it back,” Katrina Audrey expliqué.

This allows your phone, even when it’s off or on Airplane mode to still be findable,” Katrina said.

For it to work, you’ll need to switch on some settings before such an incident happens.

Bien sûr, if your iPhone has already been stolen and you’re only just looking at this now, it’s too late.

To switch it on, you need to open the Settings and go to Face ID and Passcode.

From here, toggle off Control Center et USB accessories.

Après ça, go back to Settings and find Privacy, then toggle on Location Services.

Pour terminer, go back to Settings one more time, then head to Find My iPhone.

Switch on all three features listed there.

Bien sûr, if you do manage to locate your iPhone, you really ought to get the police involved rather than dealing with things on your own.

A man who had his motorbike stolen recently revealed how he was able to track it down another way, using Apple’s AirTags.

But instead of contacting the police, he went to deal with it himself and ended up being attacked.

He also didn’t get his property back, NY Daily News rapports.

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