iPhone owners warned NOT to use new iOS tool as you could LOSE key features

EXPERTS have warned Apple fans that some new features on iOS 16 may not be suitable for them.

One in particular is called Lockdown mode.

Lockdown mode was introduced to iOS 16

Lockdown mode was introduced to iOS 16Krediet: appel

It’s designed to give your iPhone top level protection from hackers.

But it’s so tough that you actually lose some key iPhone features.

The tough new option is designed to keep out highly sophisticated hackers if you have reason to believe you’re being targeted.

It’s meant to stopprivate companies developing state-sponsored mercenary spyware”.

Although anyone can switch it on, the tool is aimed at shielding high profile targets like politicians, journalists and activists.

Mobiles expert Ru Bhikha from Uswitch.com told The Sun that the iPhone already has top security good enough to protect the general public.

The latest update to iOS gives iPhone users one of the biggest upgrades to security we have seen in a while,” hy het gesê.

“In werklikheid, this extra layer of security will be of more use to those in a profession which puts them at significant risk of cyberattacks or social engineering.

The new lockdown mode will be welcomed by people who need their work protected from hackers at all times.

“For day-to-day use however, the average mobile user is unlikely to require such steps to protect their data, as Apple already offers customers a high level of security in its software.

“Anyone thinking about activating the new Lockdown Mode should first understand that it limits the performance of the iPhone and the apps you can use.

It works by restricting any iOS features that aren’t essential so there are as few potential points of entry to a device as possible.

“As a result, some apps will lose the ability to share content with friends and family and, unlike Airplane Mode, it’s not something that can be toggled on and off with first resetting your phone.

Apple introduced the tool in response to alleged snooping by Israeli cyber firm NSO Group.

With Lockdown mode switched on, most message attachments other than images are blocked.

Things like link previews won’t work either.

FaceTime calls from unknown users will also be banned.

And you won’t even be able to connect your iPhone to a computer or accessory.

Even Apple describes it as anextremeoption that most people won’t need.

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