iPhone WARNING over 9 mistakes that expose your device – they could cost you

OUR iPhones have become extensions of our lives, from the photos we take and the messages we send to the ease of accessing our finances.

toutefois, there can be catastrophic consequences if any of this information gets into the wrong hands.

Your iPhone is packed with great privacy features

Your iPhone is packed with great privacy featuresCrédit: Alamy

While most smartphones are safe, there are always risks when it comes to privacy.

Heureusement, there are several things you can do to keep your iPhone as safe as possible.

Here are nine fool-proof ways to quickly and easily protect your iPhone from hackers, according to some of the security industry’s most prominent experts.

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Essential iPhone hack everyone should know – ignoring it could land you in trouble

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Essential iPhone hack everyone should know – ignoring it could land you in trouble

1. Enable two-factor authentication

iPhones rarely get malware on them but people can easily trip up with phishing and smishing (SMS phishing) attacks and accidentally hand over credentials such as passwords or financial information.

toutefois, Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET, offers up a straightforward way to combat these attacks.

“A simple technique is to implement two-factor authentication on all online accounts,” says Moore. This is not only simple, but it’s free to set up.’

Pour faire ça, most online platforms will give you an option in your account settings, usually under “account security”.

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iPhone WARNING – 3 expensive mistakes people make when buying a used device


iPhone WARNING – 3 expensive mistakes people make when buying a used device

2. Download a good password manager

Downloading and installing a well-reviewed password manager is another great way of staying safe, says Moore, as it can help you with generating and storing unique and complex passwords for all your accounts.

‘This will help if a password were to ever be compromised and therefore hackers won’t be able to enter all of your accounts with the same credentials,’ he says.

If you need advice on which to opt for, technology website Tech Radar recommends Dashlane as one of the best password manager apps out there right now.

3. Use biometric identification

Sarah Norford-Jones, co-founder of secure messaging platform YEO Messaging, recommends iPhone owners make use of all the biometric identification available to them.

‘Only your face or fingerprint can gain access to your deviceuse it, even if you don’t think you have anything to hide,’ she explains.

‘This added layer of security can really make a difference.’

To do this on iPhone, simply enable Face ID and Touch ID in your security settings.

4. Don’t connect to public WiFi Networks

While they might be free, public WiFi networks come with all kinds of hidden issues.

“It’s surprisingly easy for hackers to access these networks as it gives them to access all incoming and outgoing internet traffic,’ says Norford-Jones.

‘Once they have this door open, they can use the network to download content, hack your accounts, and gain access to your devices.’

5. Think before you click!

Take a good look at the links attached to emails or texts, and if it’s from a person or company you’re not familiar with, bin it.

‘Even if it just looks suspicious, chuck it directly into the “spam” folder or delete it from your device,’ adds Norford-Jones.

6. Turn off Siri

Although Siri can prove to be a pretty useful feature on an iPhone, it’s an easy access point for hackers, says cyber security expert, Aaron Franks, à Security Elite.

‘Make sure to turn Siri off,’ he warns. ‘Hackers use an approach calledSurfingAttack”, which simply means they are using inaudible ultrasound waves to an iPhone’s voice assistant.

From here, Franks explains that hackers can manipulate Siri to retrieve SMS codes and make calls using the phone.

‘They can then use these codes to gain access to the phone and private data. Turning Siri off stops this potential risk,’ he adds.

7. Only download apps from the official App Store

When using your iPhone, only download or update apps from the official Apple App Store, says Franks, adding that users should also keep their apps updated as much as possible.

‘By doing this, you are not opening yourself up to be vulnerable,’ he says. ‘Usually, app updates fix bugs or potential weaknesses.’

8. Activate your passcode

It sounds like a very obvious one but be sure to have your passcode activated on your phone.

‘This will help against physical hack attempts if the hacker possesses your phone,’ explains Franks.

‘Also be sure your phone is locked when you are not using it, ensuring the timer delay to lock your phone is the very minimum.

To set up a passcode on iPhone X and later, go to Settings, then tap “Face ID & Passcode”. On earlier iPhone models, go to the “Touch ID & Passcode” option.

Suivant, tap “Turn Passcode On” and enter a six-digit passcode. Enter it again to confirm and activate it.

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9. et enfin, enable ‘Find My iPhone’

Franks also suggests turning the Find My iPhone function on in case your phone is stolen.

'[This feature] will allow you to locate your phone on a map and remotely lock or erase it via the iCloud website,’ he adds.

To turn on Find My iPhone, open the Settings app on your device, tap your name, then tap to turn the Find My iPhone option on.

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