Is Man On Fire a true story?

MAN On Fire is centred around a bodyguard trying to keep a nine-year-old safe when she’s kidnapped.

The film is filled with action, but is it based on a true story?

Is Man On Fire a true story?

Man On Fire is not directly based on a true story but does come from a novel of the same name.

The film follows ex-CIA operative John Creasy (Denzel Washington) as he reluctantly accepts a job as a bodyguard for nine-year-old Pita (Dakota Fanning), the daughter of wealthy businessman Samuel Ramos (Marc Anthony).

Pistoleiro (Jesús Ochoa) kidnaps Pita and Creasy must fight off a succession of corrupt cops and criminals to find the girl.

Is Man On Fire based on a book?

Man On Fire is based on a livro of the same name written by A.J Quinnell which was published in 1980.

Despite not being based on a specific event, Quinnell took inspiration from two real-life events.

Man On Fire was released in 2004

Man On Fire was released in 2004Crédito: Alamy

The first was the kidnapping of a Singaporean businessman’s eldest son, who was held for ransom.

But the businessman refused to pay the ransom in case his other children then became targets.


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Contudo, this lead to his son being killed but none of his other children were harmed.

The kidnapping of J. Paul Getty’s grandson was also inspiration for the book.

Getty’s grandson was kidnapped while he was in Rome and then held for a ransom of $17 million dollars.

Who is in the cast of Man On Fire?

The Man On Fire cast is made up of some household names, Incluindo:

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  • Denzel Washington as Creasy
  • Dakota Fanning as Pita Ramos
  • Radha Mitchell as Lisa Martin Ramos
  • Marc Anthony as Samual Ramos
  • Christopher Walken as Rayburn
  • Rachel Ticotin as Mariana Garcia Guerrero
  • Mickey Rourke as Jordan Kalfus
  • Giancarlo Giannini as Miguel Manzano
  • Roberto Sosa as Daniel Sanchez
  • Jesús Ochoa as Victor Fuentes
  • Carmen Salinas as Guardian three
  • Gero Camilo as Aurelio Sanchez
  • Rosa María Hernández as Maria Rosas Sanchez
  • Mario Zaragoza as Jorge Gonzalez

Did Man On Fire win any awards?

Man On Fire won a Premio IMC Film Music award at the BMI Film & TV Awards in 2005.

This is as well as Dakota Fanning being nominated for a CriticsChoice Movie Awards for Best Young Actress.

Denzel Washington was also nominated as Best Actor at the NAACP Image Awards.