Sono sempre stato un solitario e balbetto quando parlo – Sono ancora vittima di bullismo

CARO DEIDRE: I WAS friend-zoned by my boyfriend so he could sleep with other men at Gay Pride.

Now he wants me back, but I feel disrespected and that he can’t be trusted.

Sono 24 and he’s 30. We were together for a year.

Things were going well until Pride came along, and he offered me a free pass to sleep with other men.

When I said I didn’t want that because I loved him and wanted to be faithful, he said we should just be friends.

I learned he’d slept with several guys at Pride.

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That gutted me as I really thought we had a future together.

He seems to think I’ll get back with him because we were so great together.

He even said I was the best thing in his life. What should I do?

DEIDRE DICE: Your ex wanted to have sex with others, so seemed to think he could just put you down then pick you up again whenever he liked.

It’s no wonder you feel disrespected.

If he can’t be faithful or understand why you’re hurt, he’s probably not the guy for you. You deserve better.

My support pack Mending A Broken Heart will hopefully help you move on.