he estado bebiendo más, pero no soy alcohólico, dice rylan clark

RYLAN Clark has opened up aboutdrinking moreafter going through a difficult timebut insists that he is not an alcoholic.

A principios de este mes, the television presenter revealed he was hospitalised after suffering a breakdown after he split from husband Dan Neal.

It hasn't been easy for Rylan lately following his shock break up

It hasn’t been easy for Rylan lately following his shock break upCrédito: Rex
The star opened up about drinking more recently

The star opened up about drinking more recentlyCrédito: Instagram

It hasn’t been an easy twelve months for Rylan, 33 – cuyo marriage ended last yearseeing him lose over a stone and drink more booze.

The singer has revealed it’s not just his exercise regime that he’s working to get under controlbut also his lifestyle aftergetting drunk more than usual”.

Speaking to Davina McCall on his Ry-Union podcast, él explicó: “Lately I’ve gone out a few times and drunk more than I usually would.

I’m quite honest about itI’ve been going through a tough time, that’s not me saying I’ve got a drink issue, because I definitely haven’t.

It comes days after he opened up about having to overhaul his life after his weight plummetted following his shock relationship split.

Speaking on The Hundamental Guide To Life, the former X Factor star revealed he had recently been on afitness journeyto try and turn his life back around.

I had a bit of a dodgy year last year and I took some time out,” él explicó. “The next thing I knew I was like nine stone, and I’m like six foot four.

I was thinking, I’ve got a gymI’d only really ever been in there onceso I might as well use it. So I got a trainer and asked him if he could make me look buff.

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Rylan added to The Observer that he decided at one point to be hospitalised forsafety reasonsas he came to terms with the relationship ending.

I was having thoughts and doing things that made me… f***ed up, for want of a better word,” él explicó. “I didn’t understand why I was doing that to myself. Entonces, I went away for a bit.

Talking about what he learnt while he was in there Rylan said: “That I always say yes to everything and I nod and smile.

But now if there’s something I really don’t want to do, I’m going to say no. I’ve learned to be more in control. I’ve not had control for so long, I feel like Britney!”

Rylan is currently going through a divorce from his former policeman hubby of six years Dan Neal.

El par, who met on Big Brother where Dan was a contestant and Rylan a presenter, split last summer.

Speaking about his ordeal, he vowed to become healthy, dicho: “I got ill and I lost weight, I went down to under ten stone — and I’m six feet four inches, so that’s not good.

“The honest truth is that it’s been s**t. I didn’t deal with what happened and now I am. I felt unwell and it was a very difficult time for me.”

Rylan spent a lot of time with his mother Linda, who he describes as his rock. Él dijo: “My mum was majorly worried about me, as were all my family.

“I don’t just disappear for four months — that doesn’t just happen.

Mum has been a lifesaver to me and one of my biggest regrets of this year was putting my mum through me not being well. I needed to get back to me.”

Rylan went to hospital after his split from Dan last year

Rylan went to hospital after his split from Dan last yearCrédito: Alamy

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