Me he sentado con asesinos en serie... he aquí por qué Jeffrey Dahmer es el peor que he conocido

A LEADING journalist who sat down with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has described what it was like staring into the face of evil, and why he was unlike any other murderer she interviewed.

Six-time Emmy award-winning producer and writer Nancy Glass spoke to twisted cannibal Dahmer en 1993 for CNN’s Inside Edition, a year before he was murdered in prison at the hands of a fellow inmate.

Nancy Glass, derecho, sat down with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in 1993

Nancy Glass, derecho, sat down with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in 1993Crédito: AP
In the interview, Nancy asked Dahmer about his crimes

In the interview, Nancy asked Dahmer about his crimesCrédito: YouTube
Dahmer was quiet and polite, but 'not charming'

Dahmer was quiet and polite, but ‘not charming

It was the first time the asesino en serie had ever given a public interview since being sentenced to life in prison for the murders of 17 men and boys.

Hablando a El sol en línea, nancy, who has interviewed other murderers and criminals in her illustrious career, explained what made Dahmer the most chilling of all to speak to.

My first impression of Dahmer was how normal he appeared,” ella dijo. “It makes you think that anybody could be capable of crimes like this.

If he had acted like a maniac, I would have been more relieved.

She said Dahmer wasnot charming”, pero al mismo tiempo, “you wouldn’t have picked him out of a crowd”.

Although she doesn’t know exactly why Dahmer agreed to an interview with him, she believes one reason was simply that he was “solitario” y “wanted to talk”.

Getting an interview with Dahmer was no easy task, and it took more than a year and a half to secure the exclusive, building a relationship with the murderer and his family.

He wanted to talk to somebody and he had gotten used to talking to me.

Nancy made it clear there were no conditions for the interview, and that she would let him speak.

In this way, he revealed his true evil self.

His mind is not like yours and mine,” ella dijo. “He was so twisted.

The only thing that is fair is the truth. I’m not there to prosecute him, but by telling the truth, people realise what evil was there, and the intentionality of it.

Ella añadió: “I’ve interviewed other serial killers, and he wasn’t like any of them.

He knew what he did

Nancy GlassJournalist who interviewed Jeffrey Dahmer

Nancy recalled an interview with Joel Rifkin, who murdered between nine and 17 women between 1989 y 1993.

She said killers usually blame something or someone for pushing them to commit their crimes.

A diferencia de, ella dijo, Dahmerput his crimes on himself. He knew what he did”.

Through speaking to him it was clear he was “La próxima generación” at his predicament.

He stayed up all night and slept all day because he couldn’t face the daylight,” ella dijo.

Although in the interview, Dahmer says sorry for his crimes, Nancy believes hedidn’t understand what that meant”.

Ella continuó: “Let’s not sugarcoat this, he was a psychopath. I had no sympathy whatsoever.

Nancy was most struck by how 'normal' Dahmer appeared

Nancy was most struck by how ‘normalDahmer appeared
Dahmer was killed in prison a year after the interview aired

Dahmer was killed in prison a year after the interview aired
Entre 1978 y 1991, Dahmer killed and dismembered 17 young men and boys

Entre 1978 y 1991, Dahmer killed and dismembered 17 young men and boysCrédito: Getty

Throughout their interview, which has resurfaced in recent weeks in the wake of the Netflix limited series “Monstruo: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, the killer never lets the mask slip, maintaining a polite, almost shy facade throughout.

For Nancy, who had read all of the depositions and knew details of Dahmer’s murders too gruesome to be shared with the public, the contrast between his calm demeanour in front of her and what he had done was even more chilling.

It’s so baffling how anybody could be so cruel and do such terrible things,” ella dijo.

There are crimes of passion and crimes of revenge, but this was the intentional destruction of human life.

You ask, how could anybody be this way?”

In the aftermath of her bombshell interview, Nancy said Dahmer and his family were furious with her.

Dahmer’s parents even complained to Nancy: “You’ve made him look like a monster!”

But as Nancy responded, Dahmermade himself look like a monster”.

Ella añadió: “I don’t want a criminal to be pleased with their portrayal.

Hoy, Nancy is CEO of Glass Entertainment Group and has more than 22 TV shows and podcasts currently in production in the US.

In the years since she has spoken further to Dahmer’s family.

They are still unhappy with the interview,” ella dijo, “but they’ve come to terms with who he is.