Jamie Oliver slammed as ‘out of touchfor protesting junk food ban U-turn

JAMIE Oliver has been slammed as “out of touch” for protesting against the government’s U-turn on a cheap junk food ban during the current cost of living crisis.

上个星期 plans to ban buy one get one free deals on junk food were ditched.

Jamie Oliver at a protest at Downing Street earlier today

Jamie Oliver at a protest at Downing Street earlier today信用: 超级代理商
He is fighting against the government's u-turn on the almost implemented Obesity Law

He is fighting against the government’s u-turn on the almost implemented Obesity Law信用: 超级代理商

Nanny state proposals to make it illegal to advertise sugary treats on telly before 9pm were also shelvedand restrictions on free refills of fizzy drinks were torn up.

The move was the first major announcement to ease the cost of living crisis for struggling families.

Ministers said the plans had been shelved for a year amid growing fears of a global economic slump.

然而 TV chef Jamie today protested in front of Downing Street, against government dropping the almost-implemented law.


Exact moment UK may be battered by terrifying BLOOD RAIN phenomenon


Exact moment UK may be battered by terrifying BLOOD RAIN phenomenon

He invited all 15 million of his Twitter followers to attend the rallybut just 200 fans turned up.

Meanwhile on social media, others blasted him for protesting against the abolition of cheap food while the cost of living soars.

One person wrote on Twitter: “It’s weird because Jamie Oliver was awfully quiet while Marcus Rashford & Jack Monroe, among many, were actively taking on child food poverty?

“Instead of focusing on his collapsed restaurant chain and his career-long pantomime as a ‘chef’.

“He’s back in poor people’s business.”

一秒说: “Jamie could try campaigning to make healthier foods more *checks notes* affordable.”


A third blasted: “Massively out of touch. How can you look at everything going on in this country and think ‘You know what we need? We need to make food items more inaccessible!’

“Jamie, there are people that are starving.”

另一个添加: “Millionaire Jamie Oliver wants to make food more expensive for ordinary people battling the cost of living yet somehow thinks he’s the ‘good guy’.”

At the protest Jamie bizarrely held a Eton Messa dessert believed to have originated from Boris Johnson’s place of education Eton College.

他说: “To use cost of living as an excuse is wrong, it’s completely unfair.

“The Eton Mess is symbolic of the mess that we’ve got ourselves into.

“It’s very much like the U-turn on the childhood obesity strategy that Boris Johnson’s own Government designed and passed.

“So he’s doing a U-turn on his own laws at a time when child health has never been more compromised since records began.

“It is absolutely urgent and the excuses that he’s used for not doing it are absolutely not true.”

鲍里斯·约翰逊 had announced the ban on BOGOF and other deals for food and drink high in fat, salt or sugar as part of his anti-obesity drive.

But critics pointed out it would just clobber Brits in the pocket without helping them lose weight.

The PM is still going ahead with the ban on unhealthy snacks being placed near tills.

Energy price hikes war in Ukraine — a major wheat exporter — have sent supermarket prices rocketing.

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我的 140 万英镑的西班牙假期被额外收取数百美元的机票费用毁了

Chicken could become as expensive as steak, Co-op boss Steve Murrells has warned.

And inflation is set to top 10 per cent by Christmas, the Bank of England said.