‘JealousOnlyFans model attacks woman with high heel for ‘talking to her bf

A JEALOUS OnlyFans model attacked a young student with a black Louboutin heel in a frenzied ragebecause she was talking to her boyfriend.

Amy Henderson was high on kokaïen and booze when she left Chloe Goddard with facial scars in the January assault.

Amy Henderson attacked a woman in a hotel in Liverpool earlier this year

Amy Henderson attacked a woman in a hotel in Liverpool earlier this year
The OnlyFans model was high on cocaine and booze at the time of the 'jealous' attack

The OnlyFans model was high on cocaine and booze at the time of the ‘jealous’ aanvalKrediet: Instagram

Glasgow Live reports Henderson, who also owns her own beauty salon, and her boyfriend were staying in the same hotel as the 22-year-old student in Liverpool.

Prosecutor Derek Jones said Ms Goddard and her boyfriend were staying overnight at the Inside Hotel in the city centre on January 13 hierdie jaar.

Die hof heard Ms Goddard left her room at around 2am to go outside at the same time as Henderson’s boyfriend left their room.

It’s understood the pair struck up a conversation and he had asked to borrow her mobile phone.

CCTV footage then shows Henderson arriving on the scene.

Mr Jones told the court: “At one point we see the defendant actually hitting her boyfriend and we see there is clearly an element of jealousy.

She has put two and two together and made five, thinking something was going on between Miss Goddard and her boyfriend.”

It is understood Ms Goddard then tried to go back to her room but was blocked by Henderson and a struggle broke out.

The student was pushed to the floor and struck around 10 times with the stiletto heel.

Injuries suffered by the 22-year-old included four 1cm lacerations to her forehead which had to be treated with steri-strips.

Henderson admitted she had drank a bottle of Prosecco and taken cocaine and she could not remember exactly what had happened.

Die OnlyFans model was found wandering looking distressed by polisie with a scratch on her face before she was linked to the attack.

In an impact statement Ms Goddard said she had been left wary of going out in the dark alone and Mr Jones said: “She hopes the defendant feels some remorse and learns lessons from what occurred.


Court Recorder Martine Snowdown said Ms Henderson has assaulted the victimfor inexplicable reasons that could only be borne out of drunken jealousy”.

She also said the accusedlost controlwhile under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Egter, Recorder Snowdown did accept the actions were out of character and that Henderson had expressed some regret.

Henderson pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm and was sentence to eight months imprisonment suspended for 12 months and ordered to carry out 150 ure se onbetaalde werk.

She was also told to pay £1,000 in compensation to her victim and the court also took the pair of stiletto heels away from her.

Her defence lawyer Paul Lewis said: “On this occasion she made a series of misjudgements.