Péril! fans shocked by ‘disgraceful exercise outfitin Mayim game

PÉRIL! fans were shocked by a player’sdisgraceful exercise outfit” mardi.

Some even joked contestant Joeranto the Mayim Bialik-hosted game.

Mayim Bialik hosted Jeopardy! on Tuesday when the 'unbelievable' outfit was spotted

Mayim Bialik hosted Jeopardy! on Tuesday when the ‘unbelievableoutfit was spottedCrédit: abc
Hundreds ran to Twitter claiming contestant Joe Feldman looked like he was doing just that before playing

Hundreds ran to Twitter claiming contestant Joe Feldman looked like he was doing just that before playing

Maim, 46, héberge Jeopardy! for the seventh straight week after Ken Jennings’ earlier stretch and his announcement he’d be dehors pour “mois.”

The permanent hosting decision, pourtant, is still on the board and is said to be sealed by the end of Season 38 en juillet 2022.

Ce soir, Joe Feldmana technology worker from Marylandwas bested after two wins by Pete Chattrabhuti, a Washington D.C. avocat.

But Joe’s outfit may just go down in Jeopardy! history regardless.

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Péril! fans claim exec's hint of 'MULTIPLE' hosts 'favors' Ken to Mayim


Péril! fans claim exec’s hint of ‘MULTIPLEhosts ‘favorsKen to Mayim


Joe, at the left podium, wore a form-fitting quarter-zip neon-patterned pullover.

And he had Jeopardy! Twitter fuming he was unfit to play in his simply wild fitness-evoking wardrobe choice.

Casual Joe,” one fan posted as another echoed, “Casual Tuesday.

Un troisième a écrit, “Ooh no. Clothing is usually irrelevant but a yoga shell suit won’t do.

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Un quatrième a écrit, “Joe came straight from a bike race.

While a fifth spun up, “Why does joe look like he has jeopardy at 7 and the tour de france at 7:30?”

Another similarly joked, “I’m pretty sure Joe ran to the Jeopardy studio the day this episode was filmed.

And yet another fumed, “Whatever the hell Joe is wearing is a disgrace to Jeopardy. Surprised his bike helmet isn’t on the podium.

One more raced in, “When you’re teaching P.E. à 2 but competing on Jeopardy at 7as others yet said they were “sans voix.”

Middle podium’s Petewho finished with a winning $10.8K even seemed to shade his competitor at one point.

Did Pete take a dig at Joe sayingat least I look good?” one Twitter user noticed.


Ken and Mayim began filling in for the legendary Alex Trebek after his tragique 2020 qui passe and a fleet of Season 37 hôtes invités célèbres, including now-disgraced Mike Richards.

Le les notes de l'émission ont presque doublé à 9,7 millions de téléspectateurs lorsque Ken a fait sa première apparition.

Lorsque Mayim a repris ses fonctions d'hébergement, l'effectif est tombé à 5.9 million viewers during a college championship and indeed, she hasn’t bested Ken’s ratings since during Season 38.

While fans have found Mayim to be a perfectly plucky presence, hundreds have tweeted about her off-putting poise during the typically enjoyable Q&A shares,slowresponse time to contestants, et controversially erroneous games compared to Ken.

Mayim faced fan fury when a player’s signature was ruled too sloppy in FJ though she had seemingly writtenHarriet Tubman.

And last weekthough not the actress-turned host’s faultthere was ironically a typo in Final Jeopardy just days after the spelling snub which couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Ken recently accepted the show’s Daytime Emmy without Mayim, which many felt was a hint he’d continue carrying the torch.

During the recent installment of his podcast, Omnibus, Ken also revealed he has already been scheduled for tapings in June for Season 39.

It’s been implied by execs that the actress would simply host spinoffs soon, perhaps with Buzzy Cohenwhile Ken would host the main show, avec “multiple hosts for the franchisealtogether.

entre-temps, her sitcom Call Me Kat was greenlit for another 22 episodes and a Season 3 cette semaine – fans thinking this could be another sign Ken, otherwise commitment-free, could get it.

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« Je rends les clés au talentueux acteur-producteur-scénariste-réalisateur (!) Mayim Bialik pendant quelques mois,” the fan-favorite surprisingly tweeted en mai, ajouter, "Nous avons de la chance de l'avoir! Je serai de retour avant la fin de la saison.

Jeopardy airs 7 pm ET every weeknight.

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