Perigo! fans spot ‘bizarreoutfit detail amid Ryan Long’s TENTH win

JEOPARDY! fans were stunned as rideshare driver Ryan Long won his tenth straight game Thursday.

But abizarreoutfit detail on a new player had dozens going wild -quite literally.

Perigo! champ Ryan Long won his tenth game and $182K total with foggy glasses, but viewers noticed something else

Perigo! champ Ryan Long won his tenth game and $182K total with foggy glasses, but viewers noticed something elseCrédito: abc
A new contestant instantly went Twitter-viral with his 'bizarre' shirt

A new contestant instantly went Twitter-viral with his ‘bizarre’ camisaCrédito: abc

Mayim, 46, is hosting Jeopardy! for a third week in a row, returning after alum Ken Jennings prior three weeks at the helm and announcement he’d be out for “meses.”

“I’m handing the keys back to the talented actor-producer-writer-director (!) Mayim Bialik for a few months,” the fan-favorite surprisingly tweeted, adicionando, “We are lucky to have her! I’ll be back before the end of the season.”

The permanent hosting slot is still on the board and will be decided by the end of Season 38 em julho 2022.

But tonight Filadélfia, Pennsylvania native Ryan rang in his TENTH straight win with a huge $183K in total earningsand something else scored fan’s attention.

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Perigo! fans slam Mayim's 'lack of knowledge' on band amid Ryan's 9th win


Perigo! fans slam Mayim’s ‘lack of knowledgeon band amid Ryan’s 9th win

John Sernoff, a Brooklyn New York “performing arts publicist” stood at the right podium.

The charismatic new contestant explained during his Q&A portion that he was once invited to the Sesame Street TV set as Mayim laughed in surprise.

But more surprising was his shirt.

The bright red, western-style button-up appeared to have Bigfoot, the mythical creaturewalking in opposite directions above the pockets.

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Fans online went bananas, so to speak, over the wardrobe choice, and exclaimed it was why they loved the show.

Is … that Sasquatch on his shirt? #Perigo” one tweeted in shock.

Lol this contestant on @Jeopardy has Bigfoot on his shirt,” outro escreveu.

This is ridiculous and I’m in awe. I love when contestants bring their personal flair to Jeopardy,” Ambos os meus irmãos têm negado veementemente o deslizamento nas DMs.

A fourth interestingly imagined, “In an alternate universe, I hope Bigfoot’s playing #jeopardy and wearing his shirt with two Ryans on it.

A fifth even discovered Bigfoot, or at least the shirtonline as the game aired.

Found it if anyone wants one too,” the Twitter user shared, linking to the item which comes in various colors and costs $69 (before shipping.)


Ryan – now the highest-earning regular gameplay champ from Philadelphiaboasts a big personality, big bets, and quietly quirky Q&A stories fans are loving.

Noite passada, he shared he grew up watching the storied show with his mom, who thoughtAlex Trebek was so handsome.

Semana Anterior, he shared he worked on anAmish farm” no ensino médio, then noting, “People are gonna think I’m weird with all these stories.

O broad-shouldered bet-maker also sweetly shared he once fosteredfour baby kittens” e “bottle-fed thembefore his mom adopted themhe also has an eight-year-old son who made his bead necklace.

And during his first Q&UMA, the contestant pumped out an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, as one fan applauded overall, “Ryan’s stories make me <3 him even more.

Ryan also started off with some bold bets, he’s bet a huge $8000 on Daily Doubles multiple games as one fan on Twitter praised his gameplay, “8k Daily Double again. Nice bet Ryan.

Although one Twitter fan wrote earlier in tonight’s game, “Uh oh Ryan. Need to shake it off and concentrateas the first round saw him struggle, he soon prevailed.

Speaking of shirts, Ryan also shared on his Twitter that he only broughttwo shirtsto Culver City, and added ahuge shout out to the wardrobe department,” in a third tweet, hinting there could be more to games to button up for.

He’s now 13 games shy of Canadian tutor Mattea Roach’s 23-game tear that ended when she lost by $1 no início deste mês.

Mattea, Ryan, and Amy Schneider have all gone on 10-plus game-winning streaks this champ-heavy season and will compete in the Tournament of Champions in November.


Ken and the Big Bang Theory actress started filling in for the legendary Alex Trebek after his tragic passing and a fleet of Season 37 celebrity guest hosts.

O show’s ratings nearly doubled to 9.7M viewers when Ken made his first appearance.

When Mayim took over her hosting duties the headcount dropped to 5.9 million viewers during a college championship.

Even Mattea stated after her run she wanted Ken to take over.

As a contestant, there is something really special about being on stage with the greatest player of all time,” ela disse Vulture.

The fact that the hosting slot is still undecided has been a huge point of discussion with ardent Jeopardy! fãs, as the late Alex had hosted since 1985.

While many fans have warmed up to Mayim, her games do often end incomplete with Double Jeopardy clues unanswered, time having run outwhich happened again tonight

I like Mayim Bialik but she’s gotta pick up the pace on Jeopardy. That’s multiple shows now where they’ve run out of time with clues left on the board,” one tweeted last week.

Another fan thrashed on Twitter this week, “I hate to be redundant but Mayim Bialik still seems to be acting rather than emceeing a quiz show. I can’t let it go. #whereiskenjennings

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Though a third wrote, “I actually like both Ken and Mayim, so that’s that, at least for me,” though another replied the Greatest of All Time winner is abetter fit for the show.

Sem considerar, the shirt shocker was a nice break from the bitter battle between them, and tomorrow night Ryan could finish the week 11 games strong.

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