Jinger Duggar muestra un cambio de imagen de cabello mientras se distancia’ de la familia

JINGER Duggar showed off her major hair makeover as she hasdistanced herselffrom her strict family after her brother Josh’s arrest.

Jinger, 27, shared the process of her new haircut on Instagram.

Jinger said 'sometimes you just need to change'

Jinger said ‘sometimes you just need to changeCrédito: Instagram @jingervuolo
Jinger wore a face mask after she got her haircut

Jinger wore a face mask after she got her haircutCrédito: Instagram @jingervuolo

In one of the snapshots, la Contando con alum took a shot of the back of her head and her extra-long blondish hair.

In the next snap, the reality star cut her hair short and added highlights to her brunette locks.

Jinger’s short hair seemed to have curled up at their ends.

The TV star captioned the snapshots: “Sometimes you just need to change the hair up a bit.

Jinger appeared to be shy as she hid her face behind her new hairdo.

A los fanáticos no les hizo gracia la muestra de afecto., Jessa, Jinger’s 28-year-old sister, escribió: “Me encanta!!!”


Jeremy, Jinger, Felicity, and Evangeline pictured together

Jeremy, Jinger, Felicity, and Evangeline pictured togetherCrédito: Instagram

The Duggar family has observed a strict dress code that usually only permits women to dress modestly and to wear skirts or dresses.

Counting On’s patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, 55, and matriarch Michelle Duggar, 54, have stuck to these strict rules for their Christian lifestyle.

One of these inflexible rules includes not allowing women to show their legs or dress in a revealing manner.

Jinger shrugged off these strict modesty rules made by her parents Jim bob y Michelle.


Recientemente, Jinger made a solo shopping run in Los Angeles.

She showed some skin by rocking a pair of black shorts and a gray tank top.

With her mask kept, the TV star was spotted as she struggled with a full shopping cart.

The shopping cart contained about three bags of ice, a box of water, Diet Coke, and some fruit meant for the third birthday of eldest daughter Felicity.

En un punto, the former reality star almost fell before she caught herself and continued towards her car, where she loaded it up with groceries.


Jinger is married to her husband Jeremy Vuolo, 33, and also shares her 7-month-old daughter Evangeline Jo.

Jinger and Jeremy had no problem when Counting On got axed for another season and was canceled due to her brother Josh’s arrest and child pornography charges.

Josh, 33, is currently awaiting his trial on home confinement, and if convicted could receive 20 años en prisión, with fines up to $250,000 for each count.

Esposa de Josh Anna, 23, who is currently pregnant with his seventh child, has stood by her husband’s side following his arrest.

A source told The Sun that Annahas been pointing the finger at everyone else for what has happened to Josh, she’s falling out with family members and isolating herself.

Josh and Anna share six children: Mackynzie, 11, Miguel, nueve, Maryella, una, Masón, Tres, Meredith, cinco, y marcus, Siete.

Jinger had longer and blondish hair

Jinger had longer and blondish hairCrédito: Instagram
Jinger's hair was cut shorter and had curls

Jinger’s hair was cut shorter and had curlsCrédito: Instagram @jingervuolo
Counting On was canceled due to Josh's child pornography arrest

Counting On was canceled due to Josh’s child pornography arrestCrédito: AP

Jinger Duggar defies family with shorts and tank as she nearly FALLS on grocery run after Josh’s child pornography arrest