Jon & Kate se dogter Mady voel 'skaam'’ oor die skaamte van erfenis

JON and Kate Gosselin’s daughter Mady, 21, revealed she feltshamethat she was once embarrassed by her Korean heritage but is nowproud” daarvan.

Mady shared a throwback photo on Instagram in honor of Korean American Day.

In the snapshot, the Kate Plus 8 alum was a little girl as she was holding up her doll.

Mady Gosselin said the doll 'reflected the way I thought I was supposed to look'

Mady Gosselin said the doll ‘reflected the way I thought I was supposed to lookKrediet: Instagram

Mady said she is 'proud to celebrate being Korean-American today'

Mady said she is ‘proud to celebrate being Korean-American todayKrediet: TikTok @madygosselin

The reality star mentioned the dollreflected the way I thought I was supposed to look, instead of the way I do.

Mady continued: “I was hyper-aware of my ethnicity from a young age, but the transition from awareness to shame was a slow progression that I didn’t notice happening until I was much older.

Sy het bygevoeg: “So I want to make it known that I’m so proud to celebrate being Korean-American today.

I’m proud to be a part of a community that has suffered through decades of ridicule and hate in this country (only made worse in the last 2 jare) but have persevered through it powerfully and gracefully.

Mady concluded her lengthy message about being able to cook up akick-a** kimchi,” which is a traditional Korean cuisine of salted and fermented vegetables.

Mees gelees in TV

Meena se Emmerdale ondergang geopenbaar soos showbaas maak 17 onthullings


Meena se Emmerdale ondergang GEPLAAT as showbaas maak 17 onthullings

Recently the 21-tear-old TV star celebrated New Years Day and shared photos from her friend’s birthday party.

Sy het geskryf: “That’s a wrap!”


Back in November 2021, Mady’s dad Jon, 44, confessed that he had not spoken to his twin daughters Mady and Cara, albei 21, in over eight years.

During an interview with Dr. Oz, the TV personality admitted: “I text them every single year. And every time I come here to your show or interview, I text my daughter every single time.

He added that they have notblocked himbecause the messages areblue.


After spending 20 jare saam, Jon and his ex Kate, 46, have had an ongoing custody battle since their divorce back in 2009.

Due to their court battles, the former couple has split where their kids must live with either parent.

Four of the exes’ 17-year-old sextuplets – Aaden, Joël, Alexis, and Leah – live with Kate and moved with their mother to North Carolina.

The other two, Collin and Hannah, went to live with their father and have remained with him in Pennsylvania.

Mady and Cara were left out of the custody agreements because they are both legal adults and have headed off to college.

Towards the end of December, Jon decided that he was going to represent himself as the nasty custody war continued with his ex-wife.

The Sun exclusively revealed Jon had filed to drop his lawyers on November 23rd, 2021 amid their legal turmoil.

According to the Pennsylvania court, he is nowin propria persona,” which means he has to represent himself without a lawyer.

Mady said she was 'hyper-aware' of her ethnicity at 'a young age'

Mady said she was ‘hyper-awareof her ethnicity at ‘a young ageKrediet: Instagram

Jon claimed he has not spoken to Mady and Cara in eight years

Jon claimed he has not spoken to Mady and Cara in eight yearsKrediet: NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via

Jon and Kate Gosselin pictured together

Jon and Kate Gosselin pictured togetherKrediet: Getty

Jon Gosselin reveals he hasn’t spoken to twin daughters Cara and Mady, 21, in EIGHT years amid nasty feud with ex Kate

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