Julie 31: A weekend task you delayed leads you to the introduction of a lifetime


Maart 21 tot April 20

Instead of relying on luck, you can take cash questions and work them out for yourself – even if this means leaving someone else behind.

The sun lights up your creative self and your solutions are smart but also practical. In the world of work, this is exactly what a boss is searching for.

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April 21 tot Mei 21

Your sign has understanding to spare, plus the kindness to reach out to those who need support, whatever has happened between you in the past.

In the love zone you excel too, with a mix of pure romance and passionate fire that entrances everyone you meet. Ja, this time a date will be kept.


Mei 22 tot Junie 21

Your zone of luscious secrets glows with love intrigue.

You might not know exactly who is in love with you, because they hide it so well, but today you get at least one definite clue.

This starts a phase of pure pleasure. Mars fires up discussions at home but if a topic needs dealing with, stick with this.


Junie 22 tot Julie 22

True friends might not be the loudest talkers but their loyalty shows through in quiet, kind ways.

Deep down, your heart knows who to confide in and who to keep for fun times only.

In love, if you talk a lot without saying key words, look at this today. Enkellopend? An artistic Leo is a surprise hit.


Julie 23 tot Augustus 23

There is sun strength in your sign, plus Jupiter’s sociable skills to click with anybody, anywhere.

Even if you start the day unsure about your place in a group or work team, you can get brilliant feedback and build up your confidence from the inside out.

Love starts the second time you say hello.


Augustus 24 tot September 22

Adventure comes into your life on your own terms.

However far you want to push yourself – and whatever barriers you choose to break – you stay in control.

In love, ook, you can be clear about what you expect and what you don’t.

Enkellopend? A “P” shopping trip could bag you love bargains.


September 23 tot Oktober 23

You can be your true self now, with a moon of honesty and openness.

Even if the changes you make are not your first choice, you can turn them into a perfect personal project.

A weekend task you delayed can lead you to the introduction of a lifetime.

Lucky numbers start with a double-zero.


Oktober 24 tot November 22

The upfront influence of Mars makes it hard for you to hide anything, from family doubts to love secrets.

So think hard about why you conceal what you do – and if there is another path you could take.

A couple from the past can play a part in your future. The key is a skill one of them once taught you.


November 23 tot Desember 21

There is a fitness drive right through your chart that can carry you along.

The more you push yourself, the more your energy levels increase.

In passion terms, you are bold and brave with Mars’ physical drive and Venus’ calm presence.

Someone with exactly the same combination is waiting . . . 


Desember 22 tot Januarie 20

It is all about imagination today.

Letting your thoughts fly free can bring solutions to even the longest-lasting problems, especially any linked to where and how you live.

If it has been hard lately for you to relax, this can change too.

You are a great listener but in love, you know it is time to talk instead.


Januarie 21 tot Februarie 18

Your family zone fires up challenges and your personal mix of Jupiter and Saturn respond in unexpected ways.

So be ready to surprise yourself!

This is a positive day to put together any kind of profile, as you have confidence in spades but also a real sense of where and how you want to fit in.


Februarie 19 tot Maart 20

Maybe you have tried to draw a line under a relationship or situation but find you keep returning to it in your head or heart – or both.

This is your signal to act and two strength planets are there to help you decide what is next.

A newspaper article about unusual homes can lead to a lucrative new career.

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