Apenas HORAS para reivindicar até £ 150 vouchers de supermercado grátis

HARD-UP households have just hours left to claim free supermarket vouchers worth up to £150.

O Household Support Fund has been offering support to those struggling with their bills since October last year.

Households in North Yorkshire have hours to claim the money.

Households in North Yorkshire have hours to claim the money.

Councils across the country are giving out money from the fund to those facing rising living costs.

How much you can get and how you get itfor example as cash or vouchersdepends on where you live.

But in some areas deadlines are being set for claiming the cash, and households should check now so they don’t miss out.

North Yorkshire residents for example have until midnight tonight (agosto 15) to claim a £150 voucher to buy food and other essentials at major supermarkets.

The voucher can be spent at nine different supermarkets including Aldi, Asda, Tesco and Iceland.

Those in the area who are eligible should have received a letter in July with information on how to claim and use the voucher.

It contains a code which you use to claim the e-voucher online. But you need to do this by the end of today or, you will miss out.

People already getting council tax support and pensioners in the area are among those who qualify for the cash, worth either £75 or £150, depending on your circumstances.

You can check if you’re eligible and how much you’re entitled to online on the North Yorkshire council website.

And you can access your voucher using the code for the letter their too.

Each council will provide the funds differently, so it’s important to check what you can get where you are.

Por exemplo, Birmingham’s fund is being dished out to local residents and households receive £200 to cover their food, gas, electricity and water bills.

enquanto isso, Runnymede Borough Council is awarding households between £50 and £80.

The first thing to do is find out which authority is responsible for your application.

Many councils have published guidance on their websites, so once you know your council, it’s probably best to google and see how to apply.

You can do that using the government’s local council checker tool by inputting your postcode.

Eligibility for the fund can differ from council to council.

It’s worth remembering that not all councils have announced how they will be giving out the money.

If you are in doubt try calling your council and asking whether they are currently doing anything for the scheme.

enquanto isso, if your child receives a free school meal then you’ll be entitled to free school meals during the holidays.

You could be entitled to the cost of living payment which could mean you receive £1,650.

And for those who are on Universal Credit, you may receive your cash early in a huge change next week.