Kanye sombrea a la ex Kim en el escenario cuando el rapero hace una aparición sorpresa en los premios BET

KANYE West has thrown shade at his ex-wife Kim Kardashian as the rapper made a surprise public appearance at the BET Awards.

The controversial hitmaker and the TV star have been battling it post-divorce.

Kanye West appeared at the BET Awards

Kanye West appeared at the BET AwardsCrédito: AP

The 45-year-old appeared onstage towards the end of the popular award ceremony in order to honor fellow rapper Diddy with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Kanye showed up with his face covered up with a mask and hood, and his shirt appeared to be torn while he spoke about how Diddy has inspired him.

sin embargo, the famous entertainer seemed to reference his failed marriage during his speech.

Él dijo: “I go to [Diddy] for advice to this day. He inspires so many of my choices. So many of my life choices. My wife choicesand here we are — thanks for that, Puff.”

Kanye laughed after making the slight jab at Kim as the audience joined reacted as well.

Fans were quick to comment on Kanye’s shocking appearance and the Kim shade as one said: “This man is crazy and he’s obsessed with Kim…!

Otro dijo: “I wish he didn’t mention Kim…”

The Hulu star, 41, OMS pidió el divorcio against Kanye last February, shares four kids with the troubled musician: norte, nueve; Chicago, cuatro; Smo, seis, y salmo, Tres, with the entertainer.

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Kim has moved on with Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson, sin embargo, their new relationship has had to deal with Kanye’s outbursts.

Kanye did everything from call Pete ad**khead,” para amenazó con “beat his a**, to even accusing him of attempting todestroyhis family.

He alsokidnapped and beheadedPete in the animated music video of his song Eazy; a project which he ended up defending.

Amid the chaos Kanye found himself in new relationships: first with actress Julia Fox and then with Chaney Jones.

sin embargo, he is now a single man after he and 24-year-old Chaney parted ways.

mientras tanto, Kim and Pete recently enjoyed each other’s company on a romantic beach getaway.

It’s clear the reality star has moved on with her comedian beau, and she made that clear on a recent episode of the series Gasté cientos en ropa usada de las Kardashian y TODAS eran tan feas.

“I never want the person I’m dating to be subjected to public scrutiny just because we’re dating,” she said in a confessional.

Ella admitió: “He knows what he’s getting himself into, but I’m trying to minimize any tabloid drama.

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While she doesn’t mention his name, “drama” is all that Kanye brought her for months.

Following Kanye’s split from Chaney, fans feared he would lash outat the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum.